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    I hear that, we have had NO rain, wind blowing in the same direction, and extreme heat for 2 months now. I have gotten a call about coverage on every system I have installed this year.

    HO- "Why is this side of my yard dead?"

    Me-"This wind has been blowing from the same direction for 2 months, so the water get carried away from this side."

    HO-"What can we do to fix this?"

    Me-"Ask God to make the wind stop."

    It is like all common sense in left behind when it comes to irrigation. I am fed up because everyone wants to talk to the "owner" about the situation, and we are getting close to 150 systems for the year.... That's a lot of house calls.

    Which brings me to my next rant-

    In what other industry can you demand to talk to the owner of the company, and get them to come to your house? What other industry does the HO treat the owner like a piece of crap because they install sprinkler systems?(I am more educated than 95% of my customers, and thier bosses)

    Also- Why do the HO's think they can call in a fake warranty call, just so you can re-teach them how to use a controller and not expect to pay a thing?

    There are 2-3 other companies in the area that are my size for residential installs, and they get around this stress by having NO customer service. I refuse to let customer service slip, but my quility of life suffers because of it.

    Rant over- for at least a week
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    If you got constant wind, aren't the system designs accounting for it? I would always set up over-spraying where I know daytime breezes would foul up coverage.

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    I was going to try and cheer you up but it would have been a hollow effort so I drank a beer instead.
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    easy there.... you're going to start another pissing match between Kiril and half of the board!
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    I had some fairly ugly-looking head adjustments, based on my knowledge that the system was going to be operated in the daytime. Err in the favor of complete coverage, sez me.
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    they didn't have Netafim 30 years ago you ignorant pup :realmad:
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    They didnt have netafim the last time boots worked, you ignorant pup.

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    When I night watered greens & tees on the golf course sometime the wind would get so bad I'd put the impact in the fairway or outside of the froghair and let the wind carry it in.
    Occasionally it got so bad you were better off hand syringing.
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    I'm reading the old Edna Ferber book on Texas (Giant) which often mentions the wind

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