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by hand or truckloader


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Hi Guys, New to the site picked up tons of info. Decided on an insert based on the sites input.

1.Do most of you guys load your trucks by hand or truckloader?

I am going to get a Little Wonder Truckloader at some point. Some of the local guys use the truckloader even to load the grassclippings.

2.What your thoughts??

GLS, nice looking truck, I like the newer wheels on it!! I'm probably going to copy your side boards but wonder if they will work OK using the truckloader when I get it? Will probably make a removable top.

3.Does anyone have pictures of a truck box they use on an insert? How did you put the top vent?

Sorry if these question have been asked b-4 but I'm still learning the site. Havn't figured out how to look in the past post easily yet.


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What size truck loader do you have that it won't pick up wet grass clippings?


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That's interesting. I'll have to test out our 16HP Billy Goat truck loader with the wet grass. Just bought it this year. Seems if my shoe isn't tied tight enough it would suck that thing clear off my foot.

Thanks for the reply.

gene gls

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It will suck the grass up but its not fast or easy. Its a pain to have the loader with you all the time just to pick up grass.I can fork it on the truck faster than the loader will pick it up.



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Thanks Gene.

I don't intend to use the truck loader for any type of grass pickup (well, maybe thatch). Although, it's good to know in case something comes up.


Yardley, PA.
Originally posted by michaeconstantine
I'm not clear on how to do a wide search?
Go to the red Search button near the top of the page. Type in something like "leaf box" or "venting leaf box".

That should get you started. There are several threads with helpful pics, including pics of venting the top.

good luck.