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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ray&Christine, Jan 16, 2002.

  1. Ray&Christine

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    Last season my wife and I each recieved registered letters from the Town's By-law Dept. . They said that have seen my commercial vechicle (94 GMC k-1500) parked in my driveway and I can't keep any commercial equipment on a residential property.When I phoned the Town Office they said no one had complained about me in particular but they were going after everyone on our street.Which is true because for the next few weeks all the work trucks, vans even a school bus disappeared. I
    don't have the room to keep my truck in the garage because it is full of lawn equipment,plow etc. I keep the place fairly neat, I try to keep my tools out of sight. I have not heard anything from the Town in over a year so maybe if I keep things low key they won't bother me anymore. I was just wondering if anyone else had any thing like this happen to them and how was it dealt with.

  2. johnnywalker

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    Ray what are the insurance issues with keeping your lawn equip in the garage, fire, theft etc.. I lost the lease on a small shop mid Nov. & am storing in sheds in backyard & in garage until I can find other arrangements.
    I'm in Toronto as well & keep 2 work trucks, (no lettering), in the drive. No problems so far.
  3. scagman

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    Do you live in a housing development ? Same thing happend to me when I lived with my parents. we lived in a development and I got a letter from the Home owners association. We made a gate in the side fence then I parked my trailer back there and parked my truck in the driveway.
  4. Richard Martin

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    Why don't you see what it would take to run a home business? Just ask the By-law dept what permits etc. you need in order to run a small business out of your home. Once you have the required permits I don't think that they could deny you parking area at your house for your truck.
  5. Jason Pallas

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    Townships, subs and home owners' associations can really be hell when it comes to this. I know of more than a few guys that have had a lot of problems like this. Best advice - see if you can store some of your stuff (that's not being used a lot) at a customer's garage in exchange for free service. We've done this quite a bit (storing plow trucks in the summer and lawn equip. in the winter) and it works out well - really frees up a lot of space. Good luck with the problem.
  6. Ray&Christine

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    To answer some of you questions: My equipment is covered under my Contractors Insurance Policy, as long as my it is kept in a locked area and if anything happens I pay the high deductible. We also used to live in Toronto (former North York) and never had a problem, we now live in Richmond Hill and heard from several people that they are very strick here.

    I live in a subdivision of detached houses. The by-law office said this place is zoned residential and there is no way to change that. This applies to all of Richmond Hill.

    If i keep my equipment at somemone elses house I'm afraid I might get the same complaints from the by-law dept.

  7. scagman

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    I would definetely clean the garage out. If I were you I would rent a storage unit close by and put all that stuff from the garage in there. Then just park your truck and trailer in the garage.
  8. Turfdude

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    I think you have to check the township ordinances. Some townships permit only one commercial vehicle offstreet per property. Also, I assume you have no "walk-up" clientele, so you're technically only storing your equipment. Are they also pressing carpenters, handymen, painters, window washers, carpet cleaners, installers, gutter guys, etc...

    WE've been harrassed some here, primarily from neighbors who come home from work to have not enough parking if my crews are still in front of their homes. Had a few bad things happen: Someone removed my hitch pins and clips one night. Fortunately, the hitch did not fully slip out of receivers, and now we keep them and gas tanks locked. Also had a neighbor threaten to "blow a guys head off w/ his 22" for parking in the public street in front of his home. (The guy has a driveway, 2 cars and did have room for a car in front of his house).

    Can't wait to move to new shop.
  9. jeffex

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    I'm in the same situation with nosey neighbors and homeowners association. I am going to buy an enclosed trailer and park it at a storage facility near my house. $45 per month but I can write off the cost as well as the added Insurance to cover theft. My current open trailer is only 5 x 10 and only one neighbor complained so I am just ignoring thier letter for now.
  10. Your by- laws is what is called code enforcement here in my village.
    I have a 4 car garage where 3 quarters of the equipment is kept
    The other equipment was kept at my brother shed on a lot next to his house although it just burnt up recently.
    We have to get what is called a home occupation certificate its only 20$
    It does not matter about the trucks as long as they are illnois b-class or less .Our biggest is a one ton dump so we are all right as long as we dont get a 2 ton truck
    But if you get crummie neigbors and they make complaints .
    I got into it with my next door neighbor over my and his dogs
    His dog jumped over my fence and got in my yard and my rottweiler chewed his dog up.
    He thought i should pay his vet bills ,i told him to take a flying leap
    because his dog got in my yard and attacked my dog.
    Me and him took to fighting and i beat the hell out of him.
    That went to court but court was easy conpaired to the problems he caused me over my equipment in the garage.
    His brother was the code commissner and all a sudden the code people were at my house all the time.
    I got a lawyer and he told the village the harrasment better stop and told he would take to court and sue.
    The village could Not come up one violation that we broke.
    I sure was glad when those people moved.

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