ByeBye Sthil boy!

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In the past month I started to have problems with my sthil br400.So I took it to my Sthil dealer in town.They found out that the fuel filter in the tank fell off in all the crap in the tank got sucked in to the carb!Well they said that it needed rebuilt so we gave them the ok!As soon as we got it back from them it was running terrible.So we took it back!We complianed an he gave us a real aditude problem!Of coures no customers where there at the time!So we said forget it and we took it to our favorite dealer 30 min away.One of the guys in the shop was talking to us and said hey I will be able to fix it no problem!He had the thing apart in 30 seconds and he was shocked!They put a rebuild kit in,but it was all wrong!They did not put in a filter,had the gasket below the diaphragm unstead of on top!And the diaphragm was backwards and upside down!!!!!Well they did not have the parts to do re-rebuild it that day so we left.We went back to the shop in town after a week when the rebuild was done and told them how they screwed it up!!!Thankfully there where alot of customers there and they agreed to only bill us for the parts used $30.The original bill was $130!!!Well the rebuild from the other shop out of town was execelent!Not one bit of trouble!Starts on 2 pulls cold!And it was only $65!We where ticked about the shop in town,But because they agreed to only bill us for the parts where still decided to use their services in the future.Untill a few days back!They sent us an other bill for the rebuild for $30!We called to tell them to go fly a kite!They would not budge on their bill.We said fine but we will never get anything fixed there agian!They said fine!So lesson learned!So for all you guys and gals who say it is not worth dealing with a dealer if he is more than 30min away!I say YA RIGHT!Has anyone else had a dealer do crappy work and then refuse to void the bill??????


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You guys are gonna pummell me but my little Homelite is still running and once you take the screen out of the muffler it runs ilke mad. If it breaks I have another that I bought for backup. 62 bucks each and I can't blow them up. Ya I have 20 grand worth of equipment which includes these throw-away trimmers. No customer complaints yet and the little suckers are light.

If I do I am not sure what I'm gonna buy but for my game these work too good. I will get a commercial trimmer but I haven't had the occasion for lot clearing yet. Still searchin.


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I'm gonna look at a Redmax or a Shindaiwa or something, I do some HEAVY DUTY trimming (banks with tall grass) and these Homelites wear out too quick, (espescially the heads) but IF I did get another Homelite, I wouldn't get anything less than a EasyReach.


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SMB, Get a Shindaiwa T270. For the best deal call Walter,912-987-0063. I have bought about 6 Shindaiwa items from him. He's cheaper than Alamia.


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We got 2 new 2601 ECHOS nice trimmers but the spools have problems getting new heads and gonna buy a RED MAX next year to try out, also here good things about Shindawas


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Adam, bet you took that Sthil to Kitchener tractor to fix it right..I use an echo blower that works pretty good, I have two new Makita trimmers as back ups ( I really don't like the feel of them ) the trimmers we use for daily use are homelites,,, cheap, cheap, cheap.
Jutzi has another bunch of sales coming up the next few weekends if your interested. I just sold a garden tractor snowblower for $180, I paid $17.50 for it last month. Easy money.

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Hey Hey guys!I'm not putting down Sthil!I'm putting down the pain in the butt dealer.Sthil is no.1 in my books.

Cantoo-1 word.Yep!You got it!They rock!

Hey guys do you think if I called Sthil and told them my experince with that dealer that it might get they butt in big trouble with sthil?????That would be awsome payback!!!!!
I have a crumby Stihl dealer here in town also. The problem is that they carry the whole stihl line, and the next closest dealer is 35 min away and only carry the major stuff. So your kind of stuck with them. I went in the other day and was wanting some info on the new stihl fs85 that has the quick change shaft. After standing there looking bored for 10 min a salesman finally asked if I needed help. Here in their showroom they have 250K worth of Stihl products and the stupid salesman tries to steer me away from stihl (which is all I use) and starts absolutely raving about the Honda 4-stroke weed trimmer, which I've heard tons of bad things about. I think I knew more about stihl than him. I too wish there was a better dealer closer to me. Yeah, I'm talking about you Country Homes Power Equipment. Man, I hate that dealer. Serenity Now...Serenity Now!


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Hey you must be in Spokane. I'm in Newport, but I do some work in Spokane. I've been in Country Homes before and waited and waited for a salesman and finally ended up leaving because nobody would help me.
If you are interested in Shindaiwa, The Saw Clinic has some great prices.