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    Explain to the customer in a subtle way that if it looks like shi* and smells like shi* then it is probably shi*
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    Update the guy called me tonight had a few questions but told me he canceled w/ chem lawn today and was going to talk it over w/ the wife. Could be my account soon I hope
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    We just had a similar cl experience yesterday only ours involved a current customer. We treat a lawn in an area of million dollar plus homes that is measured at 14,500 sq ft. We are currently charging this customer $480.00 plus tax for our basic 5 service package (no grub, no lime). When we started servicing this lawn it was a basic builders lawn (poor soil and contractors seed blend). Over the past three years we have transformed this lawn from a disaster to one of the best lawns on the street. CL does a few of the neighboring lawns which still look like s**t. Last night the customer calls to question her program and then proceeds to ask why cl can do it for half the price. I politely explained to the customer that you do get what you pay for and explained that there is not $240.00 profit in her property. I also directed her to look at her neighbors lawns which cl is treating. I don't know if we lost this one or not but I imagine we will be.

    Before she hung up the customer then stated that the cl said price was for a 4 service program. CL said that they advised an 8 service program but would do a four service program for the $240.00. They told customer that they would fully guarantee their 4 service program and would not charge for service calls.
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    Yea, and it would be nice if they'd use those bulk priced products on the lawn! I have no contract either. I let the results speak for themselves. If a customer doesn't like what they see, they can cancel. No strings attached. I got one the other day I gave an estimate to who had TG/CL. Literally, her back yard had a wild violet every 6 inches(among other things)...A 10k lawn. She said "well...you're a little more expensive than TG. My response was" and look what you have after 2 yrs of apps". I told her it took a special product to control violets and they weren't willing to take the time or spend the money. I also told her she would see more in 2 apps from me than she saw in 2 yrs with them. SOLD!
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    As a business, if your complaining about chemlawn's low prices, your looking at it the wrong way. "You get what you pay for!" My favorite saying for sales. Someone wants something cheaper or something for free, guess what is gonna be the first thing they complain about. You might as well charge for it.
    What about the highschool kid whose dad buys him all the equipment for mowing and he takes your mowing accounts. Are those clients confident some 15 yr old can actually assess problems with no experience or schooling in the field?
    Another 2 cents.
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    I get this as well here in Hawaii, although it is not a national company doing cheap work. It is the do-it-all "landscaper". I let people know if they want an unlicensed applicator, who is also illterate, has no idea what he is spraying or how to correctly apply it, they are free to let the "landscaper" do it all for what I cost per month to service their property. I keep photos of clients lawns and landscapes with me. Even the lawns that have been hit with multiple applications of MSMA+ simazine+ Image. Yes the lawn is yellowed, but the month after picture sells. There are no more grassy weeds. Spot spraying Sedgehammer or Trimec is what passes for weed control here. I do not do that. There are a number of clients who retain my services and tell the "landscaper" to just mow the lawn, rake the leaves, but do not spread or spray anything on their lawn.
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    Show me another LCO who over-seeds with Thermal Blue & GLS resistant Ryes. None in Metro NY that I know of.

    Be like John. Provide the best service possible, charge the right price & hold your head up.

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