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    While visiting another Company's web site, I discovered this:
    Anyone have any experience with this management tool?
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    It's a comprehensive company management tool/system, especially helping with employee incentives & motivation. It was created and used by Rick Carver of Carver's Landscape out of Delaware? He says it has done wonders for his company and is selling it to others now. Clip software is helping him package and sell it. Many people are saying good things about it, mainly that it is revolutionizing their companies and giving them their lives back at the same time.
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    Bill I have not.

    I was however thinking about taking a trip to Delaware to attend a seminar at Carvers Landscape. I believe that Rick Carver and Dale Wiley(turfman99) are the only speakers.

    I have seen where they will come to your area if you have 2-3 company's who are intersted, and have even seen side notes about special seminars for companys who wish to have them.

    I dont know what the costs are, but have heard great feedback about the System thru publications and other sites.

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    COMPASS stands for " Complete Operations Management Program and System Solutions". It is a operations and management sysem designed for landscape companies.

    Rick Carver developed this system over the last 5 years and started bringing it to market this last spring. CLIP and COMPASS formed a partnership in April of this year, because a lot of the success of contractors using COMPASS, includes the use of CLIP and it's many versatile functions. Being computer savvy and organized is a key componet of COMPASS.

    I joined forces with Rick in concept in late spring and started bringing many of the management and operations procedures I have developed into COMPASS. Rick and I are on different sides of the country, but we found we had many common business ideas and the desire to bring a system to market, and it's worked out great so far.

    COMPASS stress's employee involvement and partnering and a WORKABLE employee bonus system, that focus's on billing more than 40 hours production per employee each week, thustly generating more net profits, and realizing protected net profits, and stabilizing your company economy. Family first and 40 hours per week are stressed in the COMPASS program. A human resources module is also avaliable.

    COMPASS will be presented around the county at various locations and in Delaware and in Portland, Oregon. We need at least 3 companies signed up in an area to bring the program in to the location. The cost is avaliable from myself or Rick Carver. You recieve a manual, one year of free follow up support, web site support. You can recieve a attending the program in Delaware and a discount for attending in Portland.

    We are continually adding to and improving the COMPASS program and presentations. We are going to be looking for companies interested in being featured in some national publications. We will be at the GIE in November at Tampa and at the CLIP conference right after that.

    You can check the web site out for information, call me at 503-357-7202, Rick Carver at 302-324-1614, or CLIP at 800 635-8485.

    Good project for over the winter.....

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