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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by zukofsu, May 5, 2005.

  1. zukofsu

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    I am seeking advice on a new truck purchase.

    We currently have a 3500 stakebody dump. Due to the age of the truck; limited load capacity (for us), and maintenance we have decided to purchase a new one.

    I have looked at different setups; including cabovers (W series) and fords (f450 and 550s)

    I have come to the conclusion that the best truck for our company (residential install / maint.) is the C4500 regular cab, Duramax, Allison 5 speed, and 14ft landscape body (solid) with a 17,500 GVW.

    On the above mentioned truck, I was wondering who has a similar setup and what would a reasonable price for this setup and have they been happy with the truck. I find little information on line about commercial truck pricing. Edmunds seems only to be helpful for regular trucks and cars.

    I am looking to purchase within the next few weeks and any replies would be appreciated.


  2. ZX12R

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    Well,I am interested in the very same truck,but, was thinking of a 12 foot budy but may go to a 14 foot...not really sure on that yet.I would imagine the price is in the 50 grand range.Where in the northeast are you?Also,I want the 2 wheel drive as the 4 wheel drives are very high.
  3. Itsgottobegreen

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    I priced out a C4500 4x4 12 dump was $45,000

    My buddy had a c4500 2wd stake and a lot of problems. Had a glow plug break off and destory the engine. Then when the new motor went in, the tranny went. Then new engine dropped its pan and they had to put a 3rd one in. But he just bought a 2nd 4x4 one.

    Anothe buddy just bought one that was 4x4 with the switch and go system. He loves it.

    I need a dump truck and can't decide between C-4500/C-5500 and F-450/F-550
  4. lawnboy30

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    Stick to a c6500 if you can swing it. As you grow, you can haul anything with it, pavers, stone, tons of mulch, topsoil, etc. and still under CDL. Pay the extra and you won't regret it. The c6500 is the way I went, will have it soon.
  5. Jeff@SGLC.ca

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    I was looking at a 4500 crew 4x4 with the Durmax and putting a bed on it for my everyday driver....common sense kicked in and I bought a 3500. I'm still looking at one with the switch and go system though.

    UNISCAPER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    We run a 4500 and 5500 for loads under 12,000 lbs, duramax/allison equipped with Reeving winch roll off bodies. They have all the power you need in theirlass, and are very versitile with a great turning radious. Got rid of the last F-450 a few months or so ago due to self destructing transmissions.

    Tax freight and out the gate with the roll off body and 4- 14' boxes, we are sitting at $58K for the 45 series and 63K for the 55 series.

    In all honesty, if you haul alot of gravel, material and so fourth, no truck in that class is the silver bullet. Even the 65-75 series is a bit under beefed. So, for heavy stuff we stare at the back of a chrome bulldog all day long. 960 cubic inch engine, 10 speed tranny, air brakes.
  7. JESTER!

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    We've got an '03 C4500 w/Duramax, manual six speed, 17,500 gvw and a never-ending litany of trouble. Here's what we love about it: great forward visibility, VERY tight turning radius (we have a 9ft. flat dump). But...It's been in the shop for weeks at a time with problems small and large. I don't think these are well-made OR well-designed, and in our experience Chevy doesn't stand behind them. We only have 25K on the clock, but several problems have repeated and new ones come up all the time. If 'Yota made something this size, I think we'd leave this one in a parking lot with the keys sticking in the door...
  8. ksss

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    I have 5500 crew cab 4X4 duramax/allison. I had an 11 foot flatbed made for it. So far the positives are Extremely tight turning radius, this truck pulls a 5th wheel equipment trailer very well, extremely stable. From a business stand point it is an eye catcher. I have my logo on the side (takes up the 2nd set of doors on both sides and my name on the drivers/passenger door) and it demands attention. The interior room is amazing. Takes a little getting used to as far as the steering but the seats are comfortable. The amazing thing was the price. It took about a month to negeotiate the price but I got mine fairly loaded for $42,200. I priced them all over the western US and found that approx. 73% of retail is what I should expect to pay. That price ($42,200) is what a new, loaded K3500 would cost me (real money). So I got almost twice the truck for the same money (plus the flatbed).

    My issues are fuel mileage. Less than 10 MPG. I just tried a programmer today (Pacific Performace). It has 4 different settings. We'll see how it runs. Pacific claims 3-5 mpg improvment. I also was not happy with the power. My 01 K3500 will run circles around this truck. I am hoping that it will improve once it "breaks in" and programer probably will help. A lot of rattles in the truck. There is no storage anywhere inside the truck that is lockable or even has lid like a glove box or console. The access to the fuses inside the cab is with a 10mm socket, that sucks. Unlike the pickups which have everything (fuses) in one spot there are actually three on this truck. The two under the hood which are easy to get at like they are on a pickup, but there is also a fuse block under the passenger side airbag (if it had one). I haven't had any warranty issues yet but it only has 3K miles on it. It rides rough especially unloaded. I really don't consider that a downfall as it is a 19500 GVW truck and it rides like it. I hope it proves dependable. I have two other Duramaxes and bought this based on my very favorable experiences with the first two. They just run. UNISCAPER: have you had any reliablity issues with yours?
  9. Albemarle Lawn

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    22,000 Gross Weight

    Only 7,000 miles so far.

    Lots of power.....great acceleration, pulling off lights faster than cars most of the time and I weigh 15,000 unloaded.

    This is a BIG truck for mowing.

    Good fuel economy, great power. Something is wrong with yours if power and fuel economy are bad.

    Only problem so far is oil leak where oil filter base meets engine block, and lots of rattles in the cab, plus broke cheap plastic trim parts in cab.

  10. ksss

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    Did you see the power and economy immediately or was there a "break in" period for the truck? After hearing your story I am tempted to take it and have them check the truck out. Problem is it is a hundred mile round trip to the HD GMC dealer so I have been hoping it will cure itself. I am glad to hear yours runs, at least I know its not the way they all are.

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