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CA water deal gets two more yeses on HC?

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I'll let you CAnians figure this out for me and its repercussions. I'm guessing more water is going south. The story is that this water deal was secured to get two CA congress people to switch their votes to yes on the HC corruption bill.
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A devious mind would suggest that by denying the water to begin with it can be later used to get political support on other matters. how the water is distributed is a CA matter to a great degree. Whether it is used to support the environment or local farmers is a value decision of the people. Basically the US GOVT has made a value decision that has nothing to do with CA but to force an unpopular HC bill on the American people. This is to a great degree how water policy has been done in this country since it was created. politicians using water to buy votes on totally unrelated matters.
I guess they did better than dennis Kucinich. He sold his vote for a ride on Air Force 1.

There's something happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear
There's a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware
You don't have to have insurance to get HC. It isn't free lunch but you can get it. Course now we will have the right to be on a waiting list.

A world without Drs coming soon courtesy of the HC is a right folks.

If its expensive now wait til its free!

If this twisted sick piece of legislation passes hopefully we can elect Palin in 2012 to give it a heart.
Huh? Is "a man over there with a gun" reconciliation?
What I'm saying is that Obama and his supporters are the new Nixonian crowd. We folks in the streets protesting this Constitutional aberration are the freedom loving decent people. Sell your soul to the govt for a flu shot? Not me........ is boots wet nurse and until those 2 pussies tell us what their real names are I don't read their drivel.

A simple google with health care bill and corruption will give you plenty of results. Toss in the words, unions, Nebraska, Louisiana, Conneticut, Florida. The mere fact that both Pelosi and Obama tell us this has to be passed to know what's in it should tell you mountains. The bottom line is do you want the govt to take over HC? If so then you should support this bill. I think the govt is why we are in the HC mess we're in. More govt is going to make it worse. This bill is not about trying to provide better HC. This bill is about creating a whole new class of entitlement addicts.
Just a dig. I do like Palin but she would be tough for most to swallow. My guy is Paul Ryan. I hope he runs but if he doesn't I'll survey the field. Petraeus would be good for the country. We may need a general to end this bitter partisan divide. I have never loathed Dems in my life as much as I do now. If its that bad with me I suspect there is an anger groundswell out there that these bozos in WA DC can't even fathom.
Funny. I could have said the same exact thing about republicans during the last administrations eight years and I'm not a democrat.
Without question they did themselves no favors. Tried to be a smaller version of Big Govt Dems. The cultural stuff always gets overplayed to keep your base in line. I find more racism and disrespect for women among elitist liberals than I do among southern conservatives but if you aren't for some big govt program for some voter bloc you get branded. We have to move beyond defining ourselves by govt programs.
By the way I apologize for how ugly I get. (Not to pussinbootsandhisbiatchgt) I have no tolerance for these heavy posters and arguers who don't give their names. They go to my ignore as being inconsequential. We can disagree but people with integrity let everybody know who they are. Keeps the posts within reasonable bounds of communication.

One reason I really admire Dan and Mike. No doubts as to who they are.
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