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CA water deal gets two more yeses on HC?

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I'll let you CAnians figure this out for me and its repercussions. I'm guessing more water is going south. The story is that this water deal was secured to get two CA congress people to switch their votes to yes on the HC corruption bill.
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This is a thread I would relish in if I had time. I am sure Irrig8r is in the same boat. Suddenly it is 70 degrees for a whole week. We are madly doing start ups, wrapping up all the jobs that had "one last thing to do", and getting equipment ready.

This could be an endless thread. There is so much that has gone into California's water history from Politics to Mafia "type" activity. Unfortunately I can't contribute, but will keep an eye on the thread.
There's something happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear
There's a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware
Huh? Is "a man over there with a gun" reconciliation?
Huh? Is "a man over there with a gun" reconciliation?
I know it's Buffalo Springfield. Is Fimco being analogous to congressional reconciliation?
If this twisted sick piece of legislation passes hopefully we can elect Palin in 2012 to give it a heart.
Sorry to side track the thread, but I am unsure how to read this? Are you advocating Palin 2012? Peter I know you and respect you, but Palin in 2012?
I have never loathed Dems in my life as much as I do now.
Funny. I could have said the same exact thing about republicans during the last administrations eight years and I'm not a democrat.
Get rid of this two party system where they have to take sides and stick with their party instead of deciding for themselves what they actually believe in.

palin in 2012? Scratch out my eyes and ears now please..........
Scratch out the ears...eyes can stay.

Ditto on the two party system. I think that is the number one problem. We need to go to the streets.
1 - 6 of 43 Posts
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