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    So I watched Sean Hannity last night. The story was one sided and the smelt was the boogeyman. But he interviewed a guy named Zeke Grader of the CA Fisherman's Assoc. He says the water that was allocated for the Frsno area was sold by the Corporations further south. I'm guessing to LA and is being used to water lawns and landscapes. He also said without the smelt the Salmon fisheries get killed.
    I'm studying this map of CA to see where Eureka and the water is. I see that water comes out of the mountains east of the valley. I guess this is depleted.

    I'm really torn on this. The last thing I want is my food coming from overseas. It gets picked to early and they do weird stuff to it to get it ripened for grocery.

    If the landowners really did sell off their water provisions is that the fault of N. CA fishermen. Is the valley trying to have its cake and eat it too? There is no way to release water without affecting the smelt? Is this water being pumped over mountains? I'm wondering if secretly a state with budget problems can't afford the energy needed to pump the water south. So they play to the farmers but aren't really trying to get the water turned on for budget reasons.

    I don't want this thread to turn into a bitter partisan battle but I'm just curious as to the story behind the story.

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    I bet Kiril knows something about it, being from CA.

    What I know of the Colorado River water battle is that it is ugly and sold to 110%. A few places dont use 100% of their allocated or owned water, so other places like CA have some for now.

    I do, as often as possible, urinate in the river in the back of our property here in order to increase the flow downstream. You are welcome, California.
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    I hate politics, and that is what this issue has become, political.
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    I know they are having a hell of a time with the salmon runs in that area.
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    politics became the issue when the 49r's got hungry, the railroad brought people to boom towns, and the njuns were nice enough to give us land.

    whoever invinted wind-mills were genious'sss. wind power baby!
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    This is why Fimco got a grant to relocate in Colorado? :)
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    the fisheries have been going to pot since they built the diversion dam on the sacramento river in the 60's. when i was growing up the salmon were counted in the thousands daily and steelhead were aplenty. last year i think 1 steelhead was counted, it's sad to say the least.
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    Is the problem CA's population? or just the massive amount of agriculture there. Either way they need to build some nuke reactors and get some desalination plants humming, until this whole ocean cooling thing gets fixed in the Pacific they're not going to get the rainfall they need.<-- per weather channel

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