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    ummmm Dino, you want to answer this one??

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    No I dont since I own a K-3500 and not a HD 3500 with has the solid front axel and 15000# gvw. It all depends on options. They are a good truck, but watch for diesel power from 94-97, some had injector troubles.
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    I have a W-4 Chevy. It is a cabover. This is a really nice little truck. I have the vortec 350 gas and automatic in mine but it also comes with a diesel and a stick. The main reason I went with this truck was that the GVW was about the same as a 3500, but the bed length was a lot longer (At 14 feet it is 4 feet at least) and turning radius was a lot smaller (turns shorter than any pickup i have owned, and i have owned a lot of those). I have owned it for 3 years now and really like the truck. Sunday I loaded 3 tons of fertilzer on the bed, a 2500# trailer with a 3500# tractor and a 1000# utility vehicle on it and it pulled just like it was unloaded. This is a nice little truck and the price was cheaper at the time, don't know about now. has a/c and a radio too!
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    The 3500 is not a bad truck I have a '97 3/4 that is beefed up to a 1 ton.Diesel i think is the only way to go for and engine.Chevy is going to have a new Duramax engine with 300HP and 520 tourque but it will not be in the 3500HD as of yet.This will blow any of the other trucks away and it also has an Allison tranny 5 speed. i would wait for this new model. Hope i helped you.
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    just so you know, a beefed 3/4 ton is not equal to a 1 ton.
    Chevy uses heavier a arms, and torsion springs. Plus on a cab chassis the frame is not even remotely the same size as a pick up. Also the cab chassis frame is wider to accept aftermarket bodies.
    Then lastly the engines both gas and diesel usually are rated different than the pick ups. The higher gvw means different emission requirements, so the auto makers can get more power out of them.
    My 98 cab chassis 4x4 with the 6.5 diesel has 195 hp, which is like 10-15 more than a 1 ton pick up.Its only a computer code change, but it adds up.

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