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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by snocomando, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. snocomando

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    I'm looking at Isuzu and Fuso trucks to replace my Dodge 2500 PU. Thinking of 12 foot stake body dump bed. I looking for more hauling room in same length of PU truck which is 18 feet long. Any one have opinion on which is better Fuso or Isuzu. They seem to be the top two, or should i look at other brands, UD or Ford's verson. Looked at GMC but was told there getting out of business. Any insite or opinion is appreciated, thanks for your time.
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    Here's a link to a recent discussion on her about Isuzu and Ford LCF:
    Ford LCF vs Isuzu NPR

    I think UD looks very good also. I have learned that they use Hino engines, and one thing I think is pretty cool is that all models, except for the 1400, use the same engine with the same HP and torque ratings. They just change the rear ratio and tires size as the GVW increases.
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    I have a UD and a Fuso both diesel, got smokin deals buying new used on both which is why I bought them. They have both been great which you would expect with less than 50-k on each. I don't put enough miles on them to warrant the diesels though.

    I would warn you more about the pitfalls of buying a bad dump bed than cab over. My UD has a taller bed, seems like a good thing except it is much heavier than my Fuso. This means less debris at the dump before I go over the minimum threshold and am charged by the Lb for debris. The worst part is the receiver is mounted so low that I can't lift the bed fully to dump. It only goes up about 60% before it begins to lift the rear wheels. Mind you it dosen't look low until that bed starts going up.
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    talked to a salesman for Isuzu about gas vs diesel. He said under 30k a year maybe better off with gas motor, but Isuzu will not have gas available til spring. Only doing about 12k a year right now, so was looking for gas, but hard to find used with any form of dump bed on them. I also heard the new diesel motor have new emission exhaust that can be $$$ to fix or replace. Was told to look at used diesels before 2007 or 2008. Was also told it maybe a bumpy ride sitting over front wheels, but my 2500 with solid front axle not the smoothest ride by far. At this point in my search looking for any 12 or 14 foot flatbed dump gas/diesel I can find around $25k, with acceptable miles. Under 100k for gas or at or just over 100k for diesel.
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  6. modedicebox

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    Hands down go with the Fuso. I absolutely love mine. It is an 02 now with 314xxx miles on it. Runs amazing and fuel economy is unmatched. It pays for itself. I put $60 a week in fuel in the truck compared to my old f250 v10 which was 3 times that. The ride isnt to bad. I also have a 90 f-450 and that thing rides like shiat!
    Good luck!
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    Thanks for link. I ve been looking on and one called truck to trucker also. Both have a few but seem to be located in FL or CA. PA seems to have a few also, may go there for weekend to look more. Looking into setting up line of credit for business vs just financing the truck. Rates are little high for used vehicles vs a line even with a bottom of 3 or 4 %.
    Thanks again for your time and thoughts, much appreciated.
  8. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    my dad has both. box trucks. the fuso fit and finish of the chassis is a bit better. they are really put togther right. the Isuzu is more powerful and significantly cheaper. the price difference gives the edge to Isuzu.
  9. cdqat1432

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    The Isuzu is a great truck. It would be easier to find parts for as well. I think that the only advantage to the fuso is that you can get 4x4.

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