cab-over nissan trucks (Companies best investment)

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    Hi, I am new to the board and came here for help with restoring one of my fathers older john deeres for fun, but ran across some of these forums and will be sending my boss on this site. But anyway I have worked for a company by the name of Delkus and Son Lawn and Landscapes it has been around for app 18 years. We are located in the St. Louis area, but in illinois.

    Anyway up until last year we ran all gas trucks 2005 f450 with 30ft goose-neck to haul tractor and skid steer, 1997 f250 for lawn crew, 1995 f350 with dump bed, and a 1991 f superduty for lawn crew and a runner truck 1988 (bosses first truck as a kid so he has to keep it)

    Well last year the dump truck was just killing us in gas so my boss talked to one of his friends who owns a nissan dealership for heavy trucks and he sold us a nissan ud 1600 6cyl turbo diesle with 14ft dump bed and tool box x-cab truck that he couldn't get ride of and we got a steal on it 2004 was the year, brand new with warranty, only 2,000 miles and brand new bed. well this truck has been the best investment we have ever made, it can haul anything gets around 21 mpg and the guys can drive it with no problems. it is easy to manuever in the neighboor hoods (we take on commerical neighborhoods, all grading, drains, sod instal, landscaping installl) so truck is used for everything and we love it. got ride of the old dump truck btw

    Well after seeing the success we had with that truck we decided that it was time to get ride of the 1991 and had been looking at a cab over with a grassmaster bed on it. Well we found one from the same dealer and once again he couldnt move the truck. Had a brand new bed 16 ft grassmaster bed, and was orginally a 4cyl with 87,xxx on it and to help move it they put in a cyl turbo with 5,000 on it. Body was dirty, but in perfect shape. I buffed out the body polished and waxed it. Throughly cleaned the inside, repainted all black on outside (mirror bars, hubs, etc) took the wheels off sanded them down, painted them white. We bought the truck for around 9,600 and just after cleaning it set it by the street while moving things in the shop and had people coming in offering us 17,000 for it which is what the dealer was asking 2 years ago when they got it. Now we love this truck because we got ride of the trailer plates, tags, and hassel of guys pulling it in neighborhoods. Also cut down on time leaving and coming back to the shop. Now they just pull it in with the other trucks and leave the equipment on. Saves app 40 min a day.

    Only problem with the bed was that both sides were fold down so we welded up on side completely and reinforced the other side because the fold down was causing it to bow in the middle since it was a 14 ft run.

    So if you read my entire rant, all I have to say is that if you are looking for a new truck I would highly highly reccommend looking into cab over trucks, the money we spent is nothing compared to the money we save in gas and time. I will get some pics of all our trucks. Everything we have is kept in perfect shape 20,000 sqft shop that you could eat off the floor of. Trucks washed every week, mowers serviced every weekend, blades changed and greases every 2 days. Weekly maintence has saved us thousands and keeps our mowers runing like new.

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