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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by lawn king, Mar 24, 2006.

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    We have been core aerating athletic fields all week. The factory cab is so sweet! warm,quiet,filtered cab air, its worth the money. The cab is so well sealed & insulated you can hear the stereo no problem even at high rpm's. Tractors have come a long,long way from the cub cadets we used in the 1970's. One very pleased kubota guy here!
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    Ya just gotta love those cabs!!!
    I hired a guy the other day to do some work in my 4330 w/cab. Was supposed to be a "certified heavy equipment operator" with 10,000 plus hours documented on machines.
    He drove my little Kubota around for less than an hour and "BOOM!". He was driving with the door open and hit a pole.......Kubota makes a nice glass door that shatters into small little pieces that become harmless as they fall to the ground like rain drops. BUT, they are real proud of replacement glass doors.....$450 for the glass door and new gasket.
    Make sure you drive with the doors closed all the time!!!! (I've blown out one before myself and it sounds like a gun-shot or cherry bomb going off in your ear when you are inside the cab). Just a thought.......

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