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Our local cable company has a channel that runs the forecast along the bottom and at the same time runs advertising on the screen for houses for sale and business cards for companies....mostly small business. I called them and the rates seem very reasonable - 100 times a week for $22. Has anyone out ther tried this and did it produce any customers? Thank You
This is a complete waste of money. I did the<br>same thing for a month one spring and could<br>not build one new customer from the ad.<p>If you a new small company you would be better served to spend the $80 on a newspaper<br>classified for a month.<p>I plan on running some 15 sec. spots on the<br>local cable company. This cable company services 70% of the local high end residential market and has very little &quot;scrub&quot; customers. Since the cable<br>ads just run on that system you control your<br>territory of service.


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You can try it, but I never had any luck with it either. The most effestive advertising I have done yet is the YELLOW PAGES. Call come in on a regular basis. As I said in an earlier reply to advertising, look around at the CO.'s with multiple trucks and tons of equipment, get the name off the truck, go look in the yellow pages, I bet they are in there.<p>Homer


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I've never tried the cable route, but I did see the name for the company I now buy my sand salt crushed stone from while watching the weather channel, so that company got at least one customer (me!) from the ad.<p>Bill

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