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    Had to get my assistant's permission to post this. He is a little sensitive to lawnsite stuff since the FIMCO incident. Anyway the guy has great critical thinking skills. The first pic is what he does with every first cable tie. Ties it around the package to keep the rest from getting spread all over the place. Just tighten every time you pull a few out. Seems obvious but I never figured on using it for that.:hammerhead: The second two are how he keeps tubes close to the pots. We get a lot of requests to add pots to the system and he puts a tie on the tube and then sticks it under the pot to hold tight at the bottom.




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    A trick I've taken to doing is to use electricians fish tape through the drain hole in the pot and pop it up to the surface, then tape your drip tube to it, and pull it back through.

    No visible tubing around the pot :)

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    Works great if the pots have something under them to keep them up but nobody does that anymore and these pots were already heavily planted:) :)
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    cool ,
    but why the tube going from pool to pot without a pump?:confused:

    and no chrome dipstick?....sigh.
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    Latest irrigation rig in the last picture? :)

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    Finally somebody asked. One of my customers today had that in his garage. The 17 year old working for me went ape-@#$%. The customer was really nice about it lifted the hood and started it for him. You could hear the thing a block away. The pup asked me to take pics with my new camera and e-mail them to him which I did and I figured what the heck I'll add them as thread trailers.
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    Not much gets past some people some of the time. :)
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    sharp as overripe bananas are we
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    Bananas are for monkeys. Crème de la crème irrigation professionals eat caviar. :nono: :laugh:
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    Real irrigators use 1/2" poly straws in Genie/Buc bottles to wash it down.:drinkup:

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