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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pjslawncare/landscap, Feb 14, 2003.

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    What do you guys do about the cable companies that hook up calbe to a home and dont bury the cable untill weeks after. The past two seasons have been particularly bad and I got to the point that I will be carefull for two or three weeks and then if its still not buried, I go over it and hope I dont chop it up. I think if looks could kill I would be a dead #$@! this one time I was bush hogging several lots in this sub division when in this one lot next to this house I suddenly heard a slapping noise and saw a cable whipping thru the tall weeds I was cutting. Obviously the cable co. hooked that house and ran cable rite across the empty lot. Well since it was in the evening, all of a sudden this lady came out and gave me this look like she though I just killed her dog or something :angry: . When she had the nerve to state that I ran over her cable, I told her that I think I did more than just ran it over and asked why did someone leave it stretched across a lot like that. Rite then her husband came out and was calling the cable guys and he actually appolojized for his cable guy. The lady just stormed into the house. Oh well, what can you do?
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    That's funny cause I can picture it in my head. It's like anything that can disrupt someones life such as loosing cable I could see her running out like that. Not thinking her lawn may need mowed someday and the lawn boy she hired might use blades across the lawn so hopefully the cables burried. I've been on lots like that too. I think in this day & age some people expect too much.
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    I called a property manager about a cable line that was not buried at one of our properties. His response was this: " I'll put a call into the cable company today. If they are not buried by next week don't worry if you cut them. It seems like that's what it takes for these cable companies to do their job." The next week we sliced and diced'em. Never saw a cable line the rest of the summer!
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    Now that you mentoned it, I have had several customes that had new cable lyingin their lawn. And it's always there for a wek or two. I just go around it with the mower and pull it to a cut area of the lawn, then cut the long grass that was under the cable.
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    I give'm 2 weeks to bury it and after that I just pretend that it isn't there. All they find is little pieces. When they come out to replace what I've mulched, they install it the way it should of been installed in the first place.......underground.
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    have to manager or home owner call the cable company. Give then a week then lit it rip
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    I'm with Bob,mowed duplexes 2 seasons,2 of them has always had cable on top of ground.I've always mowed and moved them around.I can't understand why they've not buried them,new,upscale duplexes.I may just bury them myself to keep from mowing around them.:(
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    The problem with all of this is communication.
    The way it works is this, the cable company is in such a hurry to get these folks hooked up so they can charge for installation. they do not bury the cable, they sub it out to another contractor. that way they can get to the next house so they can charge them
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    This is so funny that you mentioned this like that. I did the same exact thing, and was TOLD the same exact thing not by a management co., but by the apartment managers, themselves. I had a residential that was like that for several weeks, and when my brother in law (who is an attorney) called them to report a possible vicarious liability issue, and documented the names of the people he spoke to, majically the cable ended up buried within the next few days.:cool:
  10. If it's not flagged it isn't there.

    If it is flagged the grass gets really really tall untill it's burried.

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