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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by east sooke man, May 31, 2007.

  1. east sooke man

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    I'm looking at getting a new used truck, one of my considerations is a cabover but I have heard that the older ones have high maitenance costs compared to a standard cab configuration. Brakes and parts are items that are always mentioned. Does anyone own an older cabover that can share their experience; especially when do the maintenance bills start to show up, mileage or years? thanks
  2. Gravel Rat

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    The biggest problem with the cab over trucks is rust. The GMC/Isuzu trucks the cab rots off before the truck is worn out. If your looking for a cabover look for a newer model Hino. Hino trucks are better quality over the GMC units.

    You want a truck that has a gvw of 6800kgs you will need to get a NSC number so you are a legal trucking company. If you can afford it buy a truck that is 4 years or newer.
  3. mini14

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    i got a 2000 hino fb 7 years now one set of tires @ 55,000.thats it except for fuel/oil filters, and oil changes which i do myself. still on original brakes which have about 60% left...i keep my trailer brakes well adjusted,they are much cheaper to replace been through 2 sets of brakes on that.if u can find a used hino or ud id buy it, stay away from isuzus/gmcs.
  4. gene gls

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    Worst problem on my 1999 Mitsi is the electrical and corrosion. The wireing is bad, bad ,bad. The horns need to be replaced every year or so, they are mounted right down where the slush splashes. The main fuse mounts on top of the frame rail and also corrodes.
  5. LTDLawnCare

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    i have an NPR. Cost $60 bucks in parts to change the oil, then just stupid stuff like $9 fuel Filter ect. I happen to love my GMC Izuzu by the way.
  6. Albemarle Lawn

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    No corrosion like Gene has, but no road salt here either. Original horns work perfectly.

    Brakes were a little pricey, about $150 per axle for pads, but these trucks have an exhaust brake so if you anticipate your stops 60K miles on brake pads is not unheard of.

    Oil Filter $18 not too bad, Fuel Filters about $15, Air Filter $40, all in all very cheap to operate considering it replaces a truck and trailer.
  7. mini14

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    biggest complaint ive seen with the new mitsu 180's is the upsidedown airfilter.nicely built truck though, my friend just got one....cabovers have one of the largest reps of being the most economical to operate.around here all the old trucks are being replaced by guys buying cabovers,hino's or gmc 5500's.Hino no longer makes cabovers for the U.S. market.
  8. mdlwn1

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    I bought a new 02 gmc/isuzu 4500....and love it! Cost 32,500 new and at 80,000 miles I have just replaced the brakes. Tires at 60,000. While my friends have their fords in the shop with mystery illnesses, I am driving through the mcdonalds drive through in my dump. Cant beat the turning radius and the price.
  9. Az Gardener

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    This is an old thread I was wondering the same as I now have 2 of these. One Fuso and one UD the Fuso needed new tires at 30-k and the rear brakes are shot too, 800 bones for the brakes ;) My best guess is about .70-.80 per mile for maint and repairs. Based so far on the needs of my used Fuso. Any more precise information welcome.
  10. lawn king

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    The older izuzus had bad rotting issues with the cabs, the newer cabs are dipped in an antirust solution. Im very happy with my 03 npr diesel i purchased new, the only large repair bills have been for wire corrosion as i plow snow with my cabover.

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