Cabover or truck and trailer??

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by rmmllc, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. rmmllc

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    I am new to this site- this is great. I have been mowing for 5 years now while going to school. I am ready to grow now that I have finished school. I have about 60 accounts per week and want to double that (2 crews). I was wondering what you guys thought of getting a cabover truck vs. truck and trailer. I have read some of your posts on the SLT- good points about breaking down. Any other things to conisder? I now have an older dodge diesel and trailer, but want to improve my image. I will also be taking my pesticide test in a week and will be spraying this year. Let me know what you think about the cabovers. Thanks
  2. SiteSolutions

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    Seems like the cabovers work out well for sending mowing crews out. A lot easier to back up and less length on the road or parking.
  3. rmmllc

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    I do worry about sending my crew out with a trailer sometimes- not everyone can drive perfectly like I do:)...
  4. Marek

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    There is a nice truck on here for sale that is priced very nicely. The SLT is a nice truck but has alot of fat built into the price. With a truck and trailer you still have the option to put a plow on your truck if thats something you are interested in. We have always felt that plowing pays for the truck and the damage it does to it. The enclosed SLTs are nice if all you want to do is mow out of them.

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