CAbover vs One ton dump

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by quickmow, Dec 4, 2012.

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    my dad has a mitsu cab over, with a 12ft dump body, 7 or 8 ft wide with 4 ft high sides on it, it can legally carry the same weight as an f450 dump, it can tow the same, its really not bad on fuel either his is 2wd, and it has an open differential probably to help with fuel economy, but it is very nice for chipping, junk removal, mulch jobs. i have had 15 yards of mulch in it at one time, dumped it with no issues, brakes handled it well, but the 6cylinder in line 6 diesel could have used more power. i rented it him a lot in the over the spring, and summer. he bought his with 12,000 miles so it was pretty much new still. only down side for me, is it is 2wd, i bit awkward to back a chipper into a driveway with because it is so big, but that size dump body was a life saver on so many jobs. I've filled it full of oak logs 2ft in diameter and it dumped it no issues. really is a work horse. i could imagine with a chip box it could hold closer to 18 yards of chips.
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    I'd love to see photos...i like the idea of swaping for different functions:weightlifter:
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    I've had a bit of experience driving cab-overs; we have 2wd Isuzu dumps and most recently we purchased a 2012 Mitsubishi Fuso 4wd.

    The Fuso is 4wd, so it sits up incredibly high due to the solid front axle, this makes getting in and out quite an exercise. Ours has a an auto/manual transmission - I would recommend going with a manual transmission, if possible. The auto has been real finicky, especially during the first 2,000 miles and especially when towing any sort of load. Lots of random downshifts where the engine revs and the tach jumps real high. In the beginning the truck seemed to shift haphazardly - winding all the way out before it would shift. The truck is also really jerky and seems to have a fair bit of lag. There is no tow/haul mode, but there is an exhaust brake. Fuel economy seems to hover around 11-12mpg, with the highest I ever saw being 14mpg.

    Our setup is with a 10' bed and a behind the cab toolbox; it's been loaded pretty good and doesn't squat too badly. We have a plow for it, but have yet to try plowing with it - I'm not looking forward to using it.

    The 2wd Izuzus are tanks. They're much more peppy. They have 12' beds and can haul a pretty good sized load. I much prefer the 2wd to the 4wd. Again, towing with a load (skid steer) is a little bit of a struggle.
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    I will agree with that the 2wd towing could use more power when towing a mini x or skid steer, and the allision auto is always shifting, and has to be revved out a good amount to shift otherwise it hangs gears, and the dealer said its normal, so i just drive 3/4 throttle all the time, no issues in 70,000 miles
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    the only automatic 4x4 is a 2012 mitsubishi is also the only make to offer 4x4 up to 2012, but only in a far as employees and plowing goes, i would rather have an auto, but as far as power goes, i would rather have a manual...overall i would love to have a 2012 auto 4x4 fuso...the isuzu NPR's are good trucks too, i just hate to be without 4x4, if we could have a mow truck in the growing season and a plow truck in the off season then you wouldn't have to have two different trucks...they are extremely expensive tho (fuso) for how basic they are, around the $45,000 mark...
  6. gene gls

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    1 ton pickups are pushing $40,000.
  7. jbell36

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    is that good or bad?

    my 2008 F-250 power stroke, crew cab, 4x4, 20" wheels, black on black, leather, sunroof, Fx4 was $53,000 brand new (i didn't buy it brand new, second owner) have a basic work truck that is anywhere NEAR that price range is absolutely insane to me...
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    @dan85 and others with 2012 Mitsubishi fuso, you may not know but there is recall on the transmissions. We had both of our replaced. It was a a simple fix, dealer dropped the transmission in and out in one day. There was a problem when they tooled to transmission. Since it is made in 3 sections and is sealed and not serviceable they warranted it. We also found out at the GIE EXPO, Mitsubishi said that there is another software update. It's pretty easy they just flash the computer. After our new transmissions we still have the similar shifting issues and were told should be taken care of in the next software update. It was not the news
    that I wanted to hear but it was quick And easy.
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    Mark - Thanks for the heads up, I'll have to check into that. It's definitely not as bad as when we first got it, but it still doesn't seem 100% right.
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    Cabovers are the BOMB plowing with.. Thats why I bought my isuzu... The view is great. You literally feel like youre at the imax movie theater. Only down side is they only coe in 2wd.. So i always had to have a load of salt in the bed just to plow a significant snow fall... i will say it you're not a good driver in the snow you will get stuck.. We plow streets and stuff and it was fine aslong as you kept moving.

    Now for landscaping you couldnt beat it. I pulled a 24' trailer with it everyday ast year

    I wouldnt get a freightliner unless i realllyyyy needed it. You have to be doing a lot of landscape jobs and deliveries for that truck.

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