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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kutnkru, Feb 21, 2001.

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    That would be nice if they made that in a handheld model, sort of like those calculators for builders.
  3. Randy Scott

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    Good call Kris. Just yesterday I was checking mulch prices with local distibutors. I got a range of $20 to $40 a yard for Hemlock, talk about a difference in price. I was going to go through some previous threads to see everyone's ideas on how far this stuff really goes. Nice calculating table, thanks!
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    A consideration about mulch. Do people want it mulch because it looks nice new or for the true purpose it serves? You would be amazed at what some say. I say this because if there is sufficient mulch already present, but has taken on a weathered look, and application of only 1-2" of covering is all that is needed. Also, If a bed has borders you may need to remove some old mulch first to eliminate the potential for washout when the spring toad floaters come.
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    Dont forget that coverage will vary depending on the blend ie: double ground hardwoods, single ground pine, chips, nuggets etc.

    Prices have gone thru the roof because of this fuel b.s. What we bought for $14/yd last year is now $22/yd.

    A local nursery sells Dbl-Grd Red Oak for $45/yd and it costs them $22/yd. I know of several contractors who buy there and then charge for labor on top of that!!! Its like $75/yd installed. More than ever this season I have gotten after fellow competitors to buy together in bulk to save us money. Why not still charge them $45/yd if they are used to paying it, and put the profits in our pockets instaed of the middlemans??

    Couldnt we use a laptop in our trucks or palm pilot?? Thats the unfortunate part about bidding:
    Is usually the inital trip for consultation,
    The second trip for the measuring(re-measuring sometimes),
    Going back to the shop for configuring calculations,
    Then traveling back a third time possibly to submit the proposal/ agreement.
    PITA ...

  6. kutnkru

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    Here is how we word our contracts:
    In the spring to achieve a high quality landscape PTL will weed all landscaped beds, replenish composted mulch, replace decorative stone chips, and plant any annuals desired. In an effort to maximize the potential of our client's budget we offer a colorant for mulches. Mulching materials annually will cost approximately 30¢/sq.ft. while the use of colorants will average 12¢/sq.ft.

    This basically lets the clients know that we only "top dress" after an inital installation, whether it was done by us or others. It also lets them know that if they were just mulched last summer or fall, that we can use a colorant to give them the "asthetic appearance" they are looking for without costing them several hundred or thousands of dollars for new mulch.

    Good point though.
  7. nlminc

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    Kris, I use a Laptop for estimates often. I also bring a portable printer that has infared capabilities (Cannon BJC-80) you can still use the cord to hook it to the back of the Laptop though. I have Estimates printed with my logo and the Form magic software all from NEBS that I use to print the estimates out on the spot. People love it. I close more jobs that way. It's really simple to do, you'll look better than the other bidders and you get the estimate out of the way on the spot.

  8. kutnkru

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    I have a bjc-2110 do you think that would work as well as yours???

  9. Strawbridge Lawn

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    kutnkru: Colorants? Please explain
  10. Greenkeepers

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    Those measurements matched mine. With my mulch supplier though, those are a little heavy. But that is the formula you use.

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