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    Can anyone give me a link to a site that i can use to calculate how much stone or mulch to use? Say how many yard for 3 in. 1800 sq/ft?
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    Chef, hope that helps you out. Not only that but it sure is one heck of a great looking website. Wish I could find someone that could something like that for my business.
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    Those sites are great what about if you need it in the field.

    This is what the book says

    Site Lenght x site width x .inches divide by 27

    But usually I divide by 30

    Heres an example

    100 x 100 = 10,000 sqf. x.3=3,000 / 30 = 100 yards of mulch

    You can do this up to nine inches after that you use 1 as 10 inches instead of .10 and 1.1 as 11 inches 1.2 as 12" and so on

    This a rough estimates assuming a yard would cover 100 sqf. at 3" deep

    But works real good for giving quick quote estimates
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    I can get you a CD with an excel spreadsheet that has a mulch calculator built into it, as well as a few other things.

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