Calculating dirt needed using sq footage and required depth?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Green Pastures, Apr 11, 2007.

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    There used to be a sticky with a link to a free site that would allow you to calculate the dirt (mulch, stone, whatever) needed (in cubic yards and ot tonnage) to fill a space using the known square footage and depth you wanted to fill.

    I can't find it on this site.

    I did several searches so don't be a smartalec please.

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    1 Cubic yard 1 inch deep will cover 324 Square feet
    1 Cubic yard 2 inch deep will cover 162 Square feet
    1 Cubic yard 3 inch deep will cover 108 Square feet
    1 Cubic yard 4 inch deep will cover 81 Square feet
    1 Cubic yard 5 inch deep will cover 64 Square feet
    1 Cubic yard 6 inch deep will cover 54 Square feet

    (Length in Feet)( Width in Feet)*(Depth in Feet)=cubic feet
    Example: Say you have an area that is 12' x 18 '. You want to cover it with 6" of material.
    Multiply, 12' x 18' x *.5' to get 108 cubic feet. You see, 6" is .5 feet or 1/2 a foot.
    Now, devide 108 cubic feet by 27 cubic feet(1 yard) to get your total yardage at 4 yards.

    If you want a 3" cover you use 1/4' or .25'. A four inch cover is 1/3 foot or .33', etc.
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    length (feet) x width (feet) x depth (feet) / 27 = yardage x 1.2 for compaction
  4. OP
    Green Pastures

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    Thanks....found the "free tools" tab at the top of the page.....;)
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    I have been in this business for twenty-six years and have always used the following formula with good results.
    Multiply your square footage by .003 for 1" coverage
    .0061 for a 2" coverage .0092 for a 3" coverage and
    .0123 for a 4" coverage. It takes 12.3 cubic yards of top soil to cover 1,000 square feet at 4". Hope this helps.
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    areamulchandsoil dot com is what i use

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