Calculating dump angle 1 ton dump truck

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Gravel Rat, Nov 12, 2003.

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    Hi guys I want to put a dumping flatdeck on a 1990 F-450 I don't know if I want to use a scissor hoist. I'am concerned about dump angle and dumping power I would like to have the steepest dump angle I can get. When you are hauling brush you need the deck to tip up as high as possible so the crap slides out.

    I have seen other guys with scissor hoists that don't tilt the box enough and stuff doesn't slide out that easy so they have to get out and try pull the load out.

    I never had a scissor hoist before my last truck had a telescoping post hoist it worked great. The only problem was it requires a dog house in the headache rack which can be a pita but it might be worth putting up with.

    Are scissor hoists any good they seem to be heavy most of them are 500lbs just for the hoist a post hoist doesn't weigh anymore than 250lbs.

    How do you calculate the dump angle with a scissor hoist and how much stroke it has.

    Oh ya I run a truck with a 161wb 84ca and a 12x8 flatdeck I don't want to have a deck shorter than 12' as I haul lumber up to 20' long.
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    Use a Rugby , It weighs only 200 some Lbs. Lifts 3000 ,only needs 5 " clearance. Installs sweet. Nice components. Mine was 1340. $ delivered to a dealer. If you have overhang it will dump even more but its how far back you mount it ,makes the angle greater . Center of hoist pivot to point that you weld on the rear top of your frame will be so many inches, for a 40' ang. then so many inches for 45 and then 50 . Mines at between 47 and 50 `. And anything in that bed slides out. Just love it. Do a search on Rugby, they are in North Dakota. Hope I helped as I was in same predicamant.:cool:

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