calibrating sprayer when towing with a Zero turn mower

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by wpines, May 26, 2006.

  1. wpines

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    is there a surefire way to set the speed on a zero, when towing a sprayer behind. I've got a 30 gallon sprayer with a 6 foot boom that I tow with my toro zero. It supposed to be rated for 9.5 mph top ground speed which i think is a stretch. I'd like to be able to go about 3,4,or 5 mph so i can calibrate, kinda close, herbicides when spraying. any good tricks you guys know? it's mostly level area.
  2. SilkyLawns

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    I recently bought a spreader from Although I haven't used it yet in the manual it says to mark off an 88 ft. in length area with cones or whatever you have available. Then drive your mower from point A to point B and time your travel. Here is the table to go by that is in my manual.
    Distance time speed
    88ft. 30 seconds 2mph
    88ft. 20 seconds 3 mph
    88ft. 15 seconds 4 mph
    88ft. 10 seconds 6 mph
    88ft. 7.5 seconds 8 mph

    This is all I know. I own a Hustler Z 60" with a front spreader, (NEW)
    the Hustler is said to travel 11 mph so I will just go approximately 1/2 speed or push my control handles out about half way. I also have my gate open approximately 1/2 way or a little less.
    Hope this helped. Have a great memorial weekend
  3. J Hisch

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    Once you get that done then make a way that your steering handles can only be moved so far forward to ensure the same speed throughout the app.
  4. Runner

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    And even THAT has to be done at a certain rpm so you know your speed. Unless you want to ride at full throttle all the time, this is where a tach would really be useful. Someone just had a pic of an adjustable blocker that flips down on a hinge in front of the stick travel. It acts as a limiter. They had an adjustable bolt with a clinch nut on it. It was a pretty slick setup.
  5. Grandview

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    I use a GPS unit to keep track of my speed. They use a lot of juice so I have mine connected to the battery. A basic unit will cost 100.00.
  6. teeca

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    go to walmart and get a bike speedo ($25), gussing will get you nowhere but over/under application, and but the way, don't even think you can apply @ 11mph! that is totaly crazy!! 4-5 is the fastest you want to go.
  7. hmartin

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    I welded a 1/2" nut on a small plate then bolted it in front of my handle (you only have to do one side since you are going to drive straight mostly). I screwed a 1/2" bolt with two jam nuts though the 1/2" nut on the plate. Set the jam nuts to regulate your speed. I have different bolts with jam nuts set up to apply 20, 25, 30 or 40 gpa with the current pump. I use colored tape to distinguish. You just push the handles all the way forward with the engine at full throttle and you are going the perfect speed. This cost about one dollar.
  8. Runner

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    Great idea. I never thought about only having to do one side, either.

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