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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by t608, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. t608

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    Where online can I get a lesco calibration gauge? I lost mine and I want to make sure the spreader is set correctly. I don't have time to ride to the lesco dealer, it's a 30min ride.

    Thanks, Tony
  2. HTS

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    Just have the Lesco send you a few. It will cost more in shipping then what the gauge is worth, but you will have it. I would get a few sent just for back up.
  3. inzane

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    where can i order one? the moron at the JDL store by my house told me i'd have to buy a new spreader to get that. good thing there are other options for suppliers around here. would really like to get one of those calibration keys myself though.

  4. RigglePLC

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    Forgetaboutit. The only thing that counts is how much you are actually applying. Get a bucket and get your dealer...or anybody that has a good scale to weigh out enough of your favorite fertilizer to cover 3000 sqft. (at 4 pounds per thousand 12 lbs). Mark a line on the bucket to indicate 12 pounds, or as needed. Apply to a lawn and measure how much you covered with the correct amount. Adjust up or down as needed.
  5. turf hokie

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    ahahaha, what a lazy glad I have good vendors....

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