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    Hello all. I have a crazy question.
    I have a Scott's broadcast spreader and until now I have been using their fertilizer. I have changed to a different brand and the only listing for settings on a Scott's spreader is for one that I can't find any info on. How do I convert the settings for that spreader into something that I can use on my broadcast spreader. I have had no luck finding any info on this other spreader not even from Scott's.

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    rick this is what i did
    i made a wooden box that was fitted under the spreader impeller to collect the fertilizer and i knew that my spreader through 7 feet wide so if i set it on say "g" and placed 4 lbs of product in the hopper or what ever you need to put down per 1000 sf and walked 143 feet and weighted it that weight is the rate per 1000 sf at "g" and all you need to go from there.

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