California town to spray-paint lawn bald spots

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Frontier-Lawn, Mar 19, 2009.

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    That guy was on the news recently. He seems to be making alot of money, which means there is a demand. It is goofy, seeing that people have no money right now? Didnt some people spray paint Zoysia when it went brown? I remember someone telling me about that a few years ago and I couldnt believe it then.
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    Only $2 million.

    Perris was featured on ABC's Nightline news show during its "Realty Check" segment. The story dealt with the rising trend of home foreclosures in Riverside County, and Perris was referred to as the "epicenter". The story then dealt primarily with the city of Perris.
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    WOW...crazy... I have a friend of mine that keeps telling me if I raise my prices he is going to just blacktop his entire lawn and then spray paint it green and wave to me as I drive by each week.... I told him he always pays more because he's an a$$... gotta admit though, that would surely put us all out of business!
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    What is really going to put us out of business is the company that installs fake grass( not astro turf) He posted on here awhile ago and showed some of the commercial lots he had done. It looked exactly like grass and stays green with no fading and the edges along the walks, driveways,etc. look amazing! I think he was trying to franchise it out. While I dont think residential clients would have this done, but more and more commercial properties might look at it, and for some ,commercial is the bread and butter! I sent his company a nasty email saying he needs to think about who he might be putting out of work with his prroduct. I havent seen a post from him since! I hope I drove him off.
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    What you don't get is the big picture..... Installing the grass Is $$$$$$ . IF you were to hop on the wagon and be a certified installer and control the market in per say a metropolitan area of 5 million people you could retire and not have to work another day in your life.... have multiple crews working on installing and servicing these properties. heck sell them on rubber mulch while you are at it.....
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    In California we NEED irrigation to keep the lawns green. I already have all my sprinkler's running on my accounts. With all the foreclosed homes around and no one taking care of them, water stressed lawns are popping up all over the place. Last year there were so many brown lawns with for sale sales in them. Spraying them green makes sense.
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    damn i just made an add asking about this
    i saw a guy at a county fair thing doing it. He has been taking tons of my business from the bay area cause i do a tearout prep and install around here for $2 a sq ft and he does a spray and go for .20 a sq ft. Its killing all my business.

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