California wants you to be all electric... This is going to be interesting.


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Spent two weeks in northern California some 30 years ago. Camped a night on the side of Mt. Shasta. Absolutely beautiful. And that's before all the green things. Why ruin a good thing I guess. I flew into San Francisco and spent one night there. That's a day I would be happy to expunge from my memory from 1988 and I can't even imagine what it is like now. But the northern area absolutely gorgeous. Hope I can visit again one day but not with the inmates running the asylum.


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Seem a little premature.
Good for California to be the ginnypig. To work out the kinks.
Working through the wetter conditions. Think about how many times you almost beat the rain. While mowing. Might be a good idea to have a enclosed trailer.
Will be interesting to see a commercial wood chipper.
The tree companies will have to use.


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@kemco and @Dawson and everyone else.

Everything takes time. It has taken at least 200 years to get the internal combustion engine to where we are today. With how fast technology and engineering work today, in less than 100 years from today I suspect we will be 100-1000 times more forward and advanced with energy and power.

It has taken those 200 years to build out a gas station on every corner.(in first world countries) Second and third world countries have a distinct advantage as they can start building out now and easily outpace first world countries with new energy and technology. Look how quickly 2 of the Scandenavien country's have adopted battery and a lot of other new technologies. That is roughly 20 million people getting upto snuff in less than 6 years. It is very doable.

We have a fully functioning, technically off grid if we choose, mini neighborhood using no natural gas or sewer or outside electricity provider or propane and heating oils. We live in a cold 4 season climate as well. Instead of wasting money and resources on useless things we invested and procured the means and technology to be independent. You can also say we paid a ton of money to implement these things so they can be tested, learned from and improved upon. In this system we live in a lot of people have to bite the bullet that can afford new technology so it can eventually be scaled and the prices brought down so everyone can get involved. It is a process no different from the advent of the steam engines to the internal combustion engine. Tools to vehicles. That is how it works currently and from the past.

If we can quickly stop hoarding all the resources to make ICE engines and every other part that is needed in gas machines, we can very easily produce the less needed metals and plastics and rubbers to accelerate new energy built products. Along with that, the oil industry can slow to a better sustainable pace. All of the resources saved there alone can give way to more mass production of newer solar panels and wind technology plus geothermal. (that's what we got at the current time)

We humans have to get out of our old ways. Stop being stuck. The older generations are the worst. They don't care to change.(but they sure will eat up every resource they can grab to want to live forever, essentially eschewing all life under them)

Climate change is climate change. Resources are resources on a finite planet. We will run out of oil in the very near forseeable future at this pace with gas consumption alone. We can't build a car each for 10 billion people. It is impossible. We also can not build a line trimmer for 8 billion households. We all know we have to jump on board with products that can sustain longer life and be recycled. And the energy to use them must not be gas. It is what it is. Change now because we collectively have to. Or the powers that be will force us to.

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