California Water Problem's

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by agrostis, Jan 15, 2014.

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    Ca has more problems than just water.
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    California has alaways had water problems, the soil is fertile but has little rain annual rain fall.
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    People always want to forget that the L.A. Basin is a desert except close to ocean. If it wasn't for the Portuguese starting the aqueduct systems there would not be any L.A. or southern CA.

    I'm in Tn today and its snowing here. I drove here. I cross the Colorado river as I drive into AZ in I-40(Needles, CA...Lake Havasue, Az. normally the river is about 40 ft wide and maybe3 ft deep. When I crossed, maybe 10 ft wide and 6 inches deep...

    Its not MANDATORY but voluntary rationing....I will encourage(self preservation is speaking) but will educate my clients that if they choose, if they run the valves 10 minutes a day, then run 8.....20% right there.

    The tunnel.......OMG

    I'm affected by this more than anybody on here in CA that participates in this part of the forum. The pumps that they mention (Tracy pumping station) is 22 miles east of me. Most of the farm land west of my location is at or below sea level.

    15 years a go, a levee south of me gave way and the San Joaquin river overflowed and flooded parts of I-5(main north south interstate goes from south CA all the way up to Canada(sort of the same as I-75 in the east). 60 million dollars damage of lost homes, farm crops destroyed.....

    Ca needs to increase water storage and manage water better.....stop the growth....send people back south and our east borders. Our weather is great....awesome....come see it.....leave your money here in spends good, but don't move here...your kids has screwed up EVERYTHING here that I grew up and enjoyed until recently.
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    gusbuster............I left California in 1992, one of my better life decisions.
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    That's insane , we need a few good weather systems to increase our snowpacks

    California has it way worse but the entire west coast is feeling it. You can have some of our water, we still have plenty.

    It's 50 and partly sunny for 2 weeks now. I love it! Seattle gets usually. 43 degrees with light rain this time of year.

    This was posted on wunderground

    Since October 1st... western Washington has received only about half
    the usual amount of rainfall. In the mountains according to the
    National resources conservation service... precipitation is running
    between 40 to 60 percent of average thus far this season. The
    snowpack varies roughly from 40 to 80 percent of average with the
    greater amounts in higher elevations such as Mt Baker and Paradise
    on Mt Rainier.

    This is a neutral winter - not an El Nino or La Nina season. A
    typical neutral winter has a storm driving jet stream that tends to
    meander up and down the West Coast of North America bringing
    periodic wet weather into western Washington. Yet this season has
    found the jet stream spending much of the winter well north of the
    Pacific northwest. The Tuesday January 21st NWS Seattle weather
    story highlighted how wet Southeast Alaska has been this winter
    versus western
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    Jeff's getting some weather, snow in the mountains and rain in the flatlands. I'm irrigating and could almost swear that the grass is moaning how good that water feels.
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    There's gotta be a way to ship all this extra snow.:confused:

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