California Water Problem's

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by agrostis, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. mitchgo

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    The weather man told me el nino was supposed to soak the hell out of cali a few weeks back. I guess it did not.
    our mountains just got 6' of snow in the last 5 days and expecting more . Why is this storm not down south??
  2. SRT8

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    I wish the storm was down here, it looks like we are going to have a very dry summer.
  3. gusbuster

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    Already by me, the city of Madera and surrounding areas that depend of well water have already declared emergencies. The wells are dry.

    By me, Woodward reservoir (Stanislaus county)will not be open to the public starting sometime in the spring and through the summer months. They are worried about evaporation that water sking, boating ect...that will happen.

    My city, depending on where you are at is either well water for the most part and at the northern end, they are part of the East Bay MUD.....water table is fed partially off the San Joaquin River, but who knows by summertime.
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    Seems every wingnut that can carry a stick of pvc on the roof of their car is buying up pipe. I couldn't buy a stick of 2" sched 40 at a large supplier today.

    Instead I had to visit Home Depot which only sells 2" in 10 sticks w/o bell ends. (HD gives me the heebiegeebies) and they had no couplers. Looks like they were picked through also.

    If the shortage of pipe is any indication of the number of people burying pvc in the ground and the caliber of people that I've seen, the near future is gonna be good for repair companies.
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  5. gusbuster

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    Funny, no problems here or San Mateo.....plenty of pipe and fittings at J.d.L here in modesto and Stockton..... Then, we do have a pvc pipe company right here in town....Apache.
  6. 1idejim

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    You seem to have missed my point.
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    Mr. Jim
    Bullfighting is easy when we are able to jump out of the way.
    We have juke skill.

    You just get lucky sometimes.
  8. gusbuster

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    I do have an excuse.....I'm a landscape contractor that is stuck at Central Valley Specialty Hospital in Mdesto doing the work as a C.N.A. and R.N.(bed pans and feeding) Don't ever get any sleep.....should be back on my ball game in a day or 2.....wife is being released after 2 months in hospital today.
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    1) happy to hear she's coming home john. Hope her recovery is short and complete.
    2) my point is/was that I saw people that had to be told how to use primer and glue grabbing pipe and parts with the intention of installing their own irrigation systems. This will lead to more wasted water than if they were just using hoses and portable sprinklers.
    3) I hope that these people at least read Jess Stryker tutorials.
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