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I have been reading posts everyday for about a month now. I dont recall seeing anybody from California. California anybody!? If so, where abouts, & hows the biz?
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Central CA here, and business is getting better for me. :D
Cutting lawns here in California Central Coast (Paso Robles). Business is good here. Lots of retirees. Hot in the summer but a nice long growing season.:blob1:
I'm north of you couple of hours.

Use to have great Dove and Wild Pigeon hunting in your area until they started building more and more. Still have a family friend that Ranches in Paso Robles.

Yes, most of the people and for that matter,THE OTHER forums are from the central to east parts of the country. I always get knocked for using 21" mowers, but other people assume that I'm cutting 1/4 acre lawns vs the 200 to 600 sq. ft. lawns that I actually do. I'm sure you're aware what the Cities are like north of you.

P.M or email me for another site that I can't name here due to restrictions of this board.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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