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    Okay, I have been doing my foot work. I went to score a place where they give you information in how to begin a new business.

    Their I felt they were partial of course I have to get a Landscapers license which flys out the door becuz I don't know much yet about chemicles, etc.

    So, I don't know what to do next? I wanted to begin my own business but they say I have to do everything legal down to a "T "if I don't have insurance or if I have people work for me I could be liable for a law suit if they got injured on the job and I also needed to be covered by workers compensation board.

    Yet I know that there are people out there giving no heed to this situation and working under the table. I know of a business that has been doing this for years...........

    Now I am stuck what do I do..........HELP!
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    Man I feel your pain. I to am in somewhat the same boat... I take my test in Mid july...LEt me know I can tell you were to get study matrial
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    From what I have seen on news, read in newspapers, and heard on this lawnsite California is too strict with your codes and laws.
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