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    I'm in the Redding/Shasta County area, an hour and a half south of the Oregon border. We are the largest city north of Sacramento. We had a lumber industry forever here but that is a thing of the past. We now have a glut of landscape services that everyone else has mentioned. Our Hispanic community is relatively small but still exists, mainly in the restaurant business and construction. We have thousands of acres of national forest land where we have many from "south of the border" who are experts at irrigation and illegal marijuana grows.
    I have been doing tractor work for 8-9 years, assisting landscape contractors and home owners with a variety of services. I'm retiring from 25 years of law enforcement and started with three maintenance accounts in January. I am building my business slowly, with much advice and information learned from all of you on this site. Many thanks. En espanol "muchisimas gracias".
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    Noob from Central Cali here, just getting started. Part-timer while I'm finishing my A.S. in Landscape Management.
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    Welcome AKLawn, I'm just down the street from you. Fresno. We've done work in your town before. Good luck.
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    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm from San Jose, CA. Looking forward to learning a lot on this incredible resource.
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    hey everyone, from san diego here. Been in the biz for 2 years now. Best of luck to everyone come the new year. anyone else have a lot of cleanup after these past storms rolled through? i know i was busy and now im paying for it. Thought the homie d rain coat would be good for sd, but guess not. Now im sicker than a dog. Anyways just wanted to say hey.

    Merry Christmas
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    Merry Christmas to you too pal!!!!
  7. For the so cal guys, do people want an English speaking gardener who knows hort, proper pruning, fert, irrigation, design etc??? I want to move to so cal(specifically santa monica) and would love some insight on how much people care about their landscapes out there....
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    thats how i have found my niche. I just graduated with 3 degrees all in horticulture and it does provide a great selling point to the customers. im finding many are getting sick of the communication barrier and dont like to have to tell their gardener more than once if they want something done.
  9. What part of SD are you in?? One of my customers who used to live out there said I could have a thriving biz because of what you said and he said that a lot of service companies out there suck(they do here as well).

    One thing I noticed is that not many people out there get there palms pruned. People here have it done 2 times year(many get them overpruned which looks stupid as hell and is bad for the palms). I thought that was really interesting. Another thing I noticed is that a lot of plants were hacked and improperly pruned.
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    One thing you should know is that there is no dominance in the lawn game out here. Instead of ten companies with nice trucks and commercial equipment, its ten thousand guys with beat up trucks scrapping for lowest bids. Anyone from southern California should agree that is at least partly true.

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