Call for quote on property another lawnsite member currently has

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Dave does lawns, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. zturncutter

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    The real trick is actually getting PAID to do it better.
  2. Dr.NewEarth

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    When I get a call from a prospective client, I always find out when their current contractor will be on the property.

    That way I can schedule my estimate assessment for a time when the other landscaper isn't going to be there.

    I hate when another company has the balls to do a site assessment in front of us while my company is working on a property.
  3. limaint

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    Seems like alot of HOA's like to put the feelers out for a new company every few years...some how its like walmart, the prices keep rolling back. Alot of lowballers out there and everyone knows it.
  4. djagusch

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    Do you know the LCO or just heard of him? I won't actively go after another LCO's account that I know or talk to. If I get a call I'll bid it, usually guys will mention, "hey they are going out to bid, so go for it" if it's a buddies account even before I get a call from the account. The thought of keeping it in our group instead of a unkown company.

    An example on how open calls could help a guy out is: I had a call on a HOA was up for bid that a person in town used to do 3 yrs ago. The current company is from out of town and I do not know them. I talked to the old LCO about issues he had and used that info to help pricing (knowing querks helps on pricing). I got the bid and they even increased their budget due to the price increase.

    Another example: This spring a buddies account was going up to bid. He gave me a heads up and said to go for it. We normally bid pretty close, in this case because of location of my accounts I was slightly lower. Ended up neither of us got it but a new start up did that use to be a home builder and banked there. At least we tried keeping it in our group.
  5. PerfectEarth

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    Alright, so who is it?! :laugh:
  6. JDGlandscape

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    or at least what area are you from?

    and I would make sure to ask what they are not happy about.. Because a lot of times when you walk through an HOA or condo association you think to yourself, wow i could do such a better job here, this could be done and this could be done, but when you get the job you realize that the previous company wasnt even doing a bad job, the board members just wont pay for anything else.

    I get this all the time, I will be approached by board members being like why arent you doing this (random service)? And they think that I am just being lazy but it actually isnt in the contract.

    I had one account a few years ago that was very large and I won the bid that I submitted and it was all inclusive everything included year round, the place looked GREAT all year summer and winter. So when it came time to renew the next year they said that the place looked too good and it didnt need to look like a country club, it was just a condo association. They wanted to pay less to get less service. So i told them that certain things can be elimated to save money but the place will not look nearly as good. They eliminated a few weedings, a fert app, Hedge trimming, and two mowings for the season.

    Needless to say towards the end of the year they were all bitching and saying that we were doing a terrible job. Which I agree it didnt look that great, but thats exactly what they said to do. So towards the end of the year they wanted me to do all the work that they cancelled and with NO EXTRA PAY. Dont have that account anymore.

    So long story short, be aware about the board members themselves because a lot of the time it isnt even the landscaping companies fault and you will have the same problem as the previous company.
  7. wbw

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    If my own mother had the contract and they called me I would bid it. If they are seeking bids better you get it than somebody else.
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  8. 32vld

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    If it was an account of some one that I know personally I would not bid on it and would tell him what is up so he does not get blind sided.

    When I put out flyers everyone's property is fair game. I don't know if that place is being served by a LCO. If I see a LCO working a place I just skip past it and leave a flyer at the next place.

    There are enough lawns to go after.

    Now if a customer calls me up and says they are not happy with their current LCO would I give them an estimate. The difference is they sought me out.

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