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When spring rolls around (and it will sooner or later) and the advertising has been sent out what works best for you?Call forwarding to your cell phones,check messages throughout the day or return calls in the evening.Seems like when you go do a job in an area that you won't be back in for some time thats when you get a call from that street from an advertisement or a referral saying "I saw the job you did at Mr. Jones house an I was wondering if I could get an estimate."


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The main number I use is my cell phone number. I do almost all advertising with it. If I am unable to take a call I just don't answer it. I have the voicemail set up for the business and I will always call people back in a timely manner (usually within less then an hour). I figure the faster I call them back the less time they will have to call other people.


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I check messages at the end of each job . I don't like to talk to anyone when I'm working. If my cel ring when I'm talking to someone I let it ring, or turn it off. I think it is rude and stupid. Think about how it looks. Are you so needed that you turn your back on one man for another? One day I was picking up sticks in my front yard and a car pulls up and stops. The window open and the driver waves the come here signal. I go over and he asks directions to some house. Before I can answer,the phone rings and he holds up the one finger wait signal. So I hold up the one finger good bye signal and went my way. If you want to look prosperous then take care of details unseen and unheard.



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I forward my cell phone calls back to the office.

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I forward calls to cell when out. I have a cell that vibrates so i know it rings if im on equipment and so if im talking to a customer i ignore it. I at all costs have each call answered. I dont know what my customers do but when Im phoning for service and its busy or a machine i just go to the next number in the book. Im sure many potential customers will do the same.


Like littleRiver said, I also do not answer the phone while I am working. As soon as I get home from work I go to my office and spend 1 or 2 hours on returning calls and paperwork, or estimates, then I I turn the phones off and go to sleep.

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