call or face to face


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when bidding commercial jobs for the season do you guys call, and ask for the manager on the phone or do you go to the site and ask to see them face to face and ask them if theyre excepting bids for the season?


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Don't call us, We'll call you is their general way of operating.

You can try mailing a letter to the operations manager of the company. Or advertise in local trade magazines that their industry subscribes to.

If you go to the front desk, you may not even get past the receptionist with your promo.


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depends on who your going after really. i always go face to face i think you will get more out of the conversation and get a better "feeling" of who that person or company is. i usually go when i see issues with the property. they maybe loyal to someone already, and you might have the door slammed on your face. but when they see what your all about and when that other person screws up, i might take a couple problems for it to strike a nevre and give you a call. thats when it all pays off.


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well where im located basically everyone every year has to re bid their work but theres a few that will keep the same people every year, some ive called and they said yea come do a bid and drop it off others dont return calls, and others ive stopped in to ask. i bid this one account every year he has 6 seperate accounts and last year i almost won it but was a little higher then another guy. but you live and learn i guess.


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SOme of my best accounts were me waling in and asking for the person who handles this type of account.

And yes, I was NOT all spit shined.
there is nothing like a face to face interview. anyone can and does flod people with ads. and mailers. so what do you do with them when they arrive at your home ?

what would you do to ATTRACT someone attention ?
when I get flyers, ADS in the mail. I look at them for a total of 3 to 6 seconads. then in the trash they go.....
NOW, If a man walks up to me and starts talking. well ya have to give him more time...

there is nothing wrong with a MAN asking for work !!!!

some of the TRICKS I have used in the past.

Learn whos' doing the job, GO LOOK at the job they did, wathc them for a month or so,
Find out what there doing wrong, then go in and talk to the man. and point out these issues.

REMEMBER : you only have a few secoands to stand out, and you better be QUICK and good......

Maybe the LCO is leaving grass clippings where people walk. and this is his pet peve.

Inform this person on HOW and WHY your better.
if you can, find out what there paying.....

Best of luck