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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by paul, Jun 12, 2001.

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    A HOA asked me to find them a Landscape Architect, so I started calling a few that I know and one that was new to me. The new one was givien to me by my wall block supplier. So I called, talked to her for a few minutes, asking if she did this kind of work and her referances. Now this job is not small, figuring in just the wall and paver work your talking 800K, add in regrading, tear out of old plant material, new street lighting, new sidewalks, re-ashphalting roads, moving electric services, and installing new plant material, your over 1 million $$$$. I asked her to spec a certian wall material and me as the installer, she told me NO, she wouldn't do it. Now I'm tring to give her a good 100K+ dollar job, you think she might even have listened to me??? She hung up the phone on me!!

    Ok I thought so I called another LA he thanked me and then gave me a lead on a $200K landscape job plus some parks that need some work:)
  2. get rich

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    WOW!!!that job will definetly pay the bills,that women must have alot of work piled up in front of her to pass that up??where abouts in chicago are you?need any help??
  3. Stonehenge

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    Sounds like the first one doesn't understand how the world works.

    Is she young (green)?
  4. Guido

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    Talk about a little favor! She must be very very very loyal to her list of contractors boy! She passed up on a good job, her loss right!

    Paul, I'll come inspect your work next summer when I go home with my wife :) We're coming in June in time for the SIMA snow symposium (what a coincidence! ;) )

    Good Luck with the bids!

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