Called on a truck.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by tthomass, Aug 2, 2007.

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    Well today I had enough of the 'guys' runn'n around in crappy trucks. Had a loaded tri-axle in front of me today that was obviously overloaded. He was swaying all over the 2 lane road and judging by the truck, equipment violations. The truck would rock/swap off center 3'.......thought it would flip.

    So I called it in to the sheriff's office and they sent someone after him. The local county boys really do a good job here bust'n balls on such trucks. State Police to see the unmarked van rolling around with the portable scales.

    These trucks rank up there with the illegal companies for me. People driv'n around 80k lbs on shot tires, shot brakes and trucks that look like they came from Iraq only yesterday.......screw these guys and pay some taxes. :hammerhead:
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    Reminds me of a while back, I saw a tree service bucket truck. It was about a 35 year old rusted out Ford. The worst part was the left front wheel was wobbeling beyond belief, as if it could fall right off at any minute. I can't believe it even went down the road.

    Luckily the MDOT around here is reaitivly strict, so limits the amount of junk on the road.

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