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    today as we were finishing up a yard the nieghbor comes running over holding a shovel like a baseball bat scraming something about his fence. I tell him i cant understand when you scream finally i get out of him something about a mark on his fence. I go over to the fence find the mark he is refering to and told him there is no way we did that with the trimmer like he was saying(fence has 6-8 inches of mulch around it and the mark was almost a foot high). He then gets really pi$$ed of and starts swearing and telling me I'm going to buy him a new fence and moves the shovel like he's about to swing it,so i go and get in the truck and call the poilice and as I'm on the phone he comes over and wants the name and # of the company I tell him its on the side of the truck. He then tells me he is going to call the owner and have me fired. Police arrive and i tell the what happened and they had me file a menacing (sp) report and they notified him and tell him anymore problems and he will be arrested. still waiting for him to call to have me fired. Man i must have grown up cause 10 years ago if he would have come over with a shovel like that he would have been picking his teeth up off the ground.
  2. Runner

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    That was a clear case of assault. I would have had him arrested anyway.
  3. Turf Professionals Inc.

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    I am not sure I would have been able to walk away. Glad you were able to though. Not worth going to jail for that crap. Bad mojo for business.
  4. GroundEffects125

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    We had a little incident like that to but i was a dump truck driver dumped a load of dirt in the road and a little went into this guys front yard and he threatened to slice my tires and he got a restraing order on him.. But i did have to shover the dirt out of the road and yard but i was going to do that anyways.. PEOPLE THESE DAYS
  5. rodfather

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    Smart move calling the cops Clark...let them handle it, it's their job.
  6. FearThisDeere

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    Good job calling the cops. They can handle it a lot better than most of us could. I know I have a very short fuse and I would have knocked the guy over with a sledge hammer.
  7. Lawn_Boy

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    Yeah - good thinking!

    I'd look over my shoulder the next few times you're at that stop though.
  8. DBL

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    thank god it wasnt me
  9. Mike821

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    Take some pics.....this bastard is not done with this matter. If he went that far his is an ass for doing so. Even if you did scratch his fence....WTF if he was cool about it I am sure you would make good on it. But he is full of shi$ and will probably try to scumbag you....make sure your boss knows in full detal as to the problem you had....I am sure you told him. Pics might do you justice in the long run....never know what someone might do when you are not looking to make a buck...or better yet get a new fence.

    Good show with the cops.....somone will kick this guys a$$ one day with an attitude like that. Just a matter of time before he is drinking via a staw.

    IMO.....just a suggestion
  10. LindblomRJ

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    Wise choice calling the police. I agree with Runner. Press charges.

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