Calling all Canadians!

Discussion in 'Network: International' started by AB Lawn Care, Jun 8, 2000.

  1. jonniebud

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    another canuk ah:canadaflag:
  2. jonniebud

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    hire a accountant to your taxes its well worth the monie and not someone not family then i dont think you would have a problem
  3. ff1221

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    Glad I'm not the only one around fighting with them, makes you want to pack it all in and go work for someone else some days, we've been 2 and a half years with it now and likely be another 2 years before it's over. And just so you know JohnnieBud I did have an accountant, and not some dime store bookekeeper and they were the ones who effed up my year end, failed to report the final month and there was a huge discrepancy between my overall income and my GST income and in comes Revenue Canada, so don't ever trust that an accountant will keep the government away.
  4. Gr8WhiteNorth

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    Checking in from brandon, mb. Soon to be plowing with 20 cm of white gold on the way tonight!
  5. jonniebud

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    that bites hope u get it worked out . please keep us informed i dont wish the tax gods on anyone
  6. cantoo

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    ff, we lost the fight for sure. They want $15,000, plus $2000 in interest and so far they have clawed back another $2000 in bits and pieces. It took over a year and we still have very little idea what we did wrong. They just gave us a number and said we owe it and payment is due in 15 days. Then ever third day or so we received another love letter clawing back other stuff like baby bonus, tax credits, low income refund etc. I'm afraid to get the mail anymore. I told the tax gentleman that they were really encouraging people to do cash business. I also told him we might start back up doing chemical spraying then I could afford to pay his taxes. We deal with another bigger company now. Did I mention we had a GST audit too, lost that one as well.
    We're hoping for a better year this year, cutting lose any customers that even look sideways at us.
  7. bobw

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    Ouch... and once Rev Can has you in their sights, they never forget. Good luck getting thru the hell of that. Even though my books are 100% clean and legit, I wouldn't want to go through an all out audit; way too much detail stuff that I don't want to deal with.

    Had a commercial customer go through a GST audit and Rev Can called me to verify invoices. I told the agent that I could fax copies over to him and he sounded surprised that I was legit enough for that and told me not to bother. Ran into the customer about a year later and he looked like hell... probably lost 50 lbs...he thanked me for backing him on those invoices... and told me that they were going through his previous years stuff and I might get called again...

    The moment I give the gov't more money that I make, that's the moment I'm done....
  8. ff1221

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    Hey, I hear you, they came back from auditing 2 years and 6 months GST and said we had $75000 in unclaimed income and we owed $2000 in GST. The income tax portion was $20000 owing then then same as you went after HST credits child tax benefit and even sent my wife a bill for $5000 for baby bonus for a total of $30000 owing to Revenue Canada. There was obviously some unclaimed income as the accountant had missed December in our year end and a bunch of snow money comes in but not that much and it was ridiculous the things they did. We had a truck that we fixed up and painted, then the motor blew so we repaired it, all told we ad $15000 in it in 2 years. The auditor told me the repairs were a capital expense not a one time deduction and had to be depreciated, so instead of changing it to a depreciated charge they just disallowed it, and not just it but all the repairs I had for those 2 years to all my trucks, 5 at the time for about $30000, so that money that went to repairs became unclaimed income! I built my friend a front step and patio with leftover material as a wedding gift, they asked me what the value of it was, I told them around $4500, so they gave me $4500 unclaimed income and charged me $600 GST for it, said I took work away from another contractor, my mistake, I was trying to be honest and told them about when I was questioned about leftover material. in my appeal my accountant pointed out that nowhere in the income tax act does it say you must charge for your work. Appeal started a year ago, haven't heard ****! Just a warning to anybody that might get audited (Hopefully none of you ever do) answer only what they ask honestly and don't offer up anything you don't need to, oh and get an accountant that knows te income tax act inside and out!
  9. turf and snow

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    winnipeg here
  10. Tuttled

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    Saskatoon, Sk here!

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