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Calling Dan Hanson....Calling Dan Hanson


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Redmond, WA
yeah dan.. input?

I'm leaning towards who the hell cares about it sense the fact that the top 5 people on this site ( and possible country) really don't know about it..

It may even be a myth to a faulty controller ..
I've had several controllers constantly send enough power to activate a solenoid and keep the zone running on a zone port... Solution= use another zone port of available and take out the screw so people don't use it in the future.


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So. Cal.
Sorry guys... It's been a hell of a week... We are on a decent sized commercial install project right now and the deadline got moved up by a week. I actually had to leave the comfort of my office and go out and install controllers, wire valves and help the construction crew get everything up and running! We even had to pull all 4 irrigation techs onto the project. It was funny watching them plant plants and lay sod... they weren't sure what to do exactly. No matter how long I've been away form the field I still enjoy getting dirty! We also seem to have had some sort of lightning event up here that has played hell with my Maxi-Com so I've been trying to get that fixed as well.

Anyhow, yes, the mythical hot common does exist. Irritrol, Rain Master, Sterling and a few others all have a hot common. From what I understand it has to do with the design of the boards and the types of drivers, output triacs and various surge protection schemes that the various manufacturers use. I don't have an easy explanation, (actually I honestly lack the true technical understanding of the matter). But I think I will crack out the old Irritrol and Rain Bird schematics this weekend and study them and see if what I suspect the deal is really in fact is what is going on! Come to think of it I think I remember a discussion about it when I tool the Hardie ASC training course at the factory. I'll have to dig those out as well. It's been a good 3 or 4 years since I've worked on controllers....