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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by P.Services, Jan 31, 2010.

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    ive got a new idea in my head, tell me what you think of it.

    im thinking of getting a single axle tractor and then getting a tandem or maybe a tri axle 1/2 round ar450 rock box to pull. this would haul any stone, boulders, topsoil and smaller mulch loads.

    then i would also get a 30' drop deck lo pro trailer with a beavertail and ramps on the back allowing me to haul a mini excavator, skid and attachments all at once.

    then i would get a tandem axle 30' long live bottom trailer to haul big loads of mulch.

    what do you think? how much weight can you haul with that kind of setup?

    i just dont want a full size rig, this truck with a little shorty tandem axle rock box can still be put into a fairly tight spot. i would like to be able to haul 25 tons on the drop deck trailer though, thinks thats legal?
  2. PTSolutions

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    did Mow King get your head turning? thats a nice truck he got.

  3. mow king

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    Thanks Pro-Touch!!

    25tons on a drop deck definitely isn't do-able...Depending on your tare weight most of the time it's not doable with a Tandem axle tractor.

    I should be able to haul about 15-20 tons if I get a light weight tandem axle drop deck trailer.
  4. Gravel Rat

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    For what you want to do a tandem is needed a single axle is pretty much limited to 69,000lbs gvw and your pushing your luck with that.

    Lots of used truck tractors out there you will have to find one that has some heavier spec's.

    A truck like Mow King found is a rare beast its been custom made.
  5. mudmaker

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    They arent that rare. Take a trip to CA.
  6. P.Services

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    What if I had a tri axle drop deck on 9' spreads? My dad has a tandem axle tag trailer that can haul 25 tons, is that only legal because a lot of that weight is being transferred up to the truck axles?
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  7. Gravel Rat

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    Your guys weight laws are quite different than here so what we can do here you can't do there and like wise what you can do there we can't here.

    Spreads are not allowed here so don't know much about them.

    A regular tandem axle with a 38 inch spread we are allowed 37,000lbs a single axle is 21,000lbs.
  8. P.Services

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    I'm gona have to look into this more
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  9. hvy 1ton

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    To get near 25 tons on a drop deck you would need to gross 75Klbs+ and that is with a LIGHT trailer. Like T-1 steel Murray Trailers light.

    16000+20000+39000=75000lbs gross weight
    -10,500lbs (20' well Easy Load)-15000lbs(not sure what a 36M featherweight pete would weigh) and that gets you 25 tons with all the max axle loads reached. I would think that the truck would be closer to 18 than 15 and that you would want to have bit of buffer so 20-22 tons is closer to doable. You could run a 23K rear(i would anyway) and permit it for 23K(atleast in KS) for heavy moves.

    Downsides would be cost, T-1 steel ain't cheap, neither are 36M tractors, and lest we for get the tires loathed by GR(super steers). 425's i think, but i've been drinking so i can sleep tonight. As you can tell that's working out real well.

    Positives- Tons more versatility with a heavy 2 axle tractor than a similarly speced straight truck. Someone once told me when i was talking about all the different tasks a hooklift can do, "Never forget the endless versatility and simplicity that is the 5th wheel." Being able to move a 943/605 sized hi-lift and a 307/75 sized hoe at the same time would be an awesome combination. Should be right at 20 tons for the combo, with no other attachments. Like you i was thinking a Half-round End-dump, belt trailer, and a lowboy or single drop trailer. One plus for the belt trailer over a walking floor is grain hauling during harvest. Most years it's too wet to get much done during fall harvest anyway, so might as well watch the farmers tear up their stuff while you stay on firmer ground.

    Anyway if any of this doesn't make sense, it's because i have affinity for big words while drinking whiskey.:laugh: If you have any questions i'll try again tomorrow.

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