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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by longislandlawn, Sep 5, 2013.

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    A another customer 2nd one after labor day, calls and says to stop weekly maintenance. They are calling it a season. Will see again in the fall for a cleanup. It has been in the temp range of 70 - 80 during the day here and about 55 -65 at night. And some rain in between. Most lawns have been growing pretty steadily. Why do people all of sudden after labor day get really cheap, does this happen to you guys.
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    Been that way for a long time. When school starts they figure its fall, when in reality it varies year to year. Here in Minnesota I have been done mowing the first of September on non irrigated accounts to mowing them until Thanksgiving or a tad after. I also have been doing snow removal in November to may as well. I tell people I dictate what and when it needs to be done. If they don't like it to bad. I used to let them decide. I had enough a few years back. Call mid September and say come back in mid October for leaves. I would go there to find a foot of grass and a foot and half of leaves. Then I have to knock on the door and tell them out will be triple what I quoted them because of the wet dang grass. Then they complain how they were trying to save money and so on. I said I'm not here save you money I'm here to make your place look great and take the work load off of you. If you need to save a couple hundred bucks at the end of the season there's something wrong especially when they've added another room on, bought another car, bought a vacation home and so forth.
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    nope. we keep mowing until the end of october here and then do leaves in nov and dec. don't really stop until mid december and start back up in march.
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    I figure we have 9 more cutting weeks after this week ends. It doesn't mean I wont have a few cheap person issues but it doesn't bother me they are few and far between.
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    OP you need to nut up and let your customers know how you operate up front.
    You cannot let customers call the shots like this, or they will be saving dime after dime on your back.
    Let them know they can trust you to 'take care of them'. No need for any phone calls. Mowing goes thru Halloween (at least around here).
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    All of my accounts are in contract so I start weekly cutting the third week in April and go until the second week in October. Then I cut the last week in October and the second week in November. After that I do leaves until the end of December. All of this can change based on the weather of course.

    My contracts are very clear about when I will be cutting so customers don't try things like that. If they did, I would just explain that they signed a contract saying that I will cut the entire season. I will cut every week specified under the contract, where the lawn is growing or not. All of my lawns are irrigated and fertilized so they will need weekly cutting for at least another month.
  7. Im so glad i don't live up north

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