Calling it quits

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Easy Way Lawn Care, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Easy Way Lawn Care

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    I am getting out of the lawn service business. If anyone is interested I will be selling my ZTR and Trailer.

    ZTR it is a Bobcat with 19hp Kohler, 52 inch deck, 440 hours, aluminum grass catcher included. Also I have a spare PTO clutch for it still in the box. The original PTO works fine I bought the extra as a spare.

    Trailer is a tandem axle trailer with electric brakes. It is 14x6 with three foot sides, wood floor, a trimmer rack, tool box, and gate assist. The gate folds out providing a lessor incline, I had it custom made. Tires are in great shape.

    I am only interested in selling the pair. If interested make an offer. If not let me know what you think is a fair price.
  2. N.H.BOY

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    sorry to hear ya go hope all is well for you. GOOD LUCK
  3. dcondon

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    Good luck in the path that you have choose to take. :waving:
  4. GreenN'Clean

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    Why are you getting out?

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