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A while back I submitted a post about wanting to branch out from mowing into pesticide/fertilizer application because of higher profit margins in the app side of things. I stated that I knew very little about apps and asked some questions. You guys gave several responses and some good advice. I appreciate it and have taken it to heart.

I've evaluated my current mowing/leaf removal business and found areas for improvement, found and visited the nearest Lesco store, and sent off for and received the study packets for the test. Another thing that was suggested was to find a company in my area (but far enough away that we wouldn't be competitors) that I could visit, work for, or hang around with for a few days and learn from.

So, Lawnprosteveo or any other Tulsa-area professionals, would any of you allow me to do that? I'm about 45 minutes away from T-town and all of my business is here where I live. Anyone who helps me out will have my undying gratitude and I'll even name my next kid after you!
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