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  1. 2brothersyardcare

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    im shure this has been discused be for. but would you call your residential be for the seson starts. if so how long be for i whant to start the first of april should i call this week?
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    I would call your residential customers to see if they will be having you back again. I would call them probably about now, that way they will know that you will be back again. When you call just say that you are putting together your schedule for this year and would like to know if they will be back again this year. If they say yes, be sure to advise them of any changes that may happen this year, like price increases.
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    I used to call but now I just show up and mow, if they don't want services anymore they will call you. Most of my customers ask me when they sign up (what about next year? ) I let them know that when its time we will be there and most like the fact they don't have to worry about it.
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    Well a yearly contract is a good idea. Lets them know your going to show and also tells you they might pay. Not everyone thinks about there yard year round. Plus a yearly contract is just that yearly. 2008 means just that 2008 and a new contract for 2009 means new contract for 2009. Call or go there and look at the property again maybe they need more work done or something has changed. Maybe they moved or died? Never know. But i would atleast call.
  5. 2brothersyardcare

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    thanks i think ill start on monday
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    I sent a letter out about a month ago and a lot of people called to renew, but you always have the stragglers, so I will be calling them this week!

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    i usually call and ask if there is any additional services they would like this year

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