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Calls Coming and Going>>


LawnSite Senior Member
War Eagle!!
Started to get about 4-8 calls a day last week, all wanted bids. Landed three accounts but this week NO calls. Bid fair bids but did not land a few of the jobs, I will not say anything about scrubs though.

Grass is just now starting to green in spots down here, not really growing just coming out of dormancy. Is it yalls experience for customers to start calling when the grass is growing? When they have to actually have their grass cut?

Just need some comfort guys, need a few more weekly accounts to add to the portfolio....


LawnSite Fanatic
N.E. Wisconsin
I have had people call me a year after getting my flyer in their door. I can't understand it. Don't get discouraged, we are really the only ones thinking about lawncare right now. When it starts to green up then they all need help. Keep pluggin away, it isn't always easy but they eventually call. The more you have your name out their, the better your odds. Good luck.


LawnSite Member
central Virginia
Grasssin, It is still really early; just hang on! I am running a really nice,EXPENSIVE ad in the local paper right now. This is the 3rd week and no calls yet! April seems to be the magic month for new accounts for me. Things will go crazy the end of next week-just keep the faith!!!