Cambridge pavers?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by rob1325, May 12, 2006.

  1. rob1325

    rob1325 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I received some info on them. Never heard of them around my area. Are they any good? Did a search on here and only thing I found was someone complaining about different paver heights. Is the Armortec what they call it any good? Says top 3/8 is fine concrete, does that wear off? I usually use traditional pavers with full color throughtout. Any comments appreciated.
  2. Dreams To Designs

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    Rob, they are usually a less expensive decent paver. The line is a short one with some interesting shapes. I have used them before with good success, but had heard some complaints about inconsistencies. I believe they are a single plant operation and that may lead to some inventory problems. Overall, if they are the right color, style and available, they are a quality product.

  3. Pavers Plus

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    I personally think that the Armortec lends itselft to a softer paver and easier to scratch and scuff up.
  4. michbob

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    Please stay away from Cambridge Pavers of New Jersey.
    I am a homeowner and not affiliated with any manufacturer, distributor or installer of pavers. After carefully making our selections, we chose Roundtable pavers and Renaissance wall block and caps in toffee/onyx. To our horror, the color of the pavers were nothing like the caps or wall block. In fact, they were an orange color, some bright, nothing like the samples or the swatch from “New Cambridge Color Guide Offers Accurate Color Swatches” that claim “digitally mastered into swatches that were computer-matched to actual pavingstone samples”. The installer and sales specialist, Joe Fitzpatrick agreed. Cambridge replaced the pavers but the same problem exists, orange pavers! Well, since October 23rd, 2006 we have been requesting that Cambridge replace the pavers with matching ones (or close). Guess what? They want us (or installer) to pay for new pavers even though it’s their manufacturing error. Buyer beware, choose another brand.
  5. DVS Hardscaper

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    We have in the past done about 3 jobs using Cambridge pavers.

    I was not very impressed.

    Many of the pavers, which were NON-TUMBLED had large chips in them, along with a few minor flaws of other assortments.

    The typical installer needs a paver that we can set on the ground and be done with it.

    We dont have time to inspect each and every paver for flaws, and set to the side.

    We do inspect the finished job for flawed pavers, after final compaction, because once in a while some may crack. But we dont have time to babysit the manufacturer's quality control.

    I prefer the following manufacturers (not in any particular order):

    hanover (isn't bad, but they fade like a mother -_-_-_.)
  6. cgland

    cgland LawnSite Bronze Member
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    We just finished a job with Cambridge pavers only because they are being discontinued at our local supplier and they gave them to me at a great price. I did notice that the blends were not as consistant and they tended to chip fairly easily. I would not recommend them.
    P.S. Hanover sucks too!

  7. btammo

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    My complaint is with the inventory and order time. If my local supplier has them in stock...great. IF they dont, then I cant wait for it. That Armor tec...I dont know. Their slogan is "They'll look like new forever" uhhhhh dont think so(unless they are sealed) They claim to be manufactured to 8,000 psi, and they seemed very dense, but they crack as much as others after compaction. I do like the color schemes from Cambridge and the Armortec is more pronounced than someone like CST. I install them due to the color schemes basically, people like them. Never ever go by the color of a swatch or pictures in the brochures. They are so enhanced it is ridiculous. When i do patios and walls, I bring samples myself to the client for thier approval before anything is ordered. Cant rely on pictures.
  8. rob1325

    rob1325 LawnSite Senior Member
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    DVS Hardscaper,

    How do you like the new Nicolock pavers. I had problems with there old Armor-Con I, because of all the efflorescence they had and stopped using them due to customer complaints. I seen this year they came out with the Armor-Con II, with the smoother surface. How are these now, still have efflorescence problem with them? I use Unilock and Techno-Bloc. Never did use cambridge.

  9. stoneseller

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    from MD Z7
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    My company is a dealer for Belgard & Pavestone. Some number of years ago a sales rep from Cambridge came around and gave me his big song & dance about how great the product was, how wonderfull their marketing was, and how superior their Armortec surfacing is over conventional pavers.
    We considered them for a while, but then declined. My main concern was availabilty & shipping cost from NJ.

    Another local building suppy company in my area picked up the product line. I stopped in at this store to check it out. The colors, in my opinion, were terrible. The red/black color, similar to Belgards Burnie Blend, was very dull & muted. It was just plain ugly, again IMO. Last time I stopped by this company, they had stopped carrying the product line.

    I see Nicoloc as the next good big paver manufacturer coming into my market. Looks to be a very good line of products that will give Belgard, Pavestone & Hanover a run for the money. If they ever get their Frederick plant going we may pick up this brand as well.
  10. michbob

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    As for Cambridge pavers, you can not only rely on photos, brochures or color swatches but you also can't rely on actual samples. I went to two different distributors and brought samples home. The shipment was orange and the samples were what we wanted, a nice toffee (tannish/lt. brownish) color. The blend was awful. It looked like the color was spray painted on.
    Looks like we are going to court.

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