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Can a 25hp Super Z handle Doulbes

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I tried to put doubles on my 25hp Kaw 60" Hustler Super Z yesterday.
I put the stock blades on bottom and the gators on top.
A soon as I engaged the blades I instantly noticed a large increase in vacuum and vibration. The engine seamed to be running harder too. When I talked with my dealer he strongly urged me not to run doubles, but many here with super z's report no problems. I know to raise the deck a 1/4" and that I need a longer bolt.
But, I was wondering if this is normal for my Super Z to be acting like this with doubles and can the 25 hp engine handle it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thank you kindly,.
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It sounds like your having a balancing problem. Do you balance your blades? Even a screwdriver will work in a pinch.

The decrease in HP is normal. It shouldn't be significant, but slight.

And yes you will have twice as much vacuum.
i did the exact same setup, lot more vaccum,but i did not notice any for the hp ? ,i think the 25 is plenty capable, but i could not run as fast as normal,but the cut was excellent. i guess just use your own judgement:confused:
ive ran em on my 27 kohler super z, nice results but you will sacrifice some power to do so. balanced blades and making sure they are in a perfect + pattern is crucial.
You don't "need" doubles on a Super Z.

Hey why do you need doubles? Why buy a mower if it needs doubles for a good cut.

My Hustler Super mini Z cuts perfect. I have demoed a Exmark ztr before and it cut perfect.

Can someone enlighten me what ztr needs doubles to have a good cut or is it needed more in the spring when grass is wet
and growing fast?

Honestly, I am not trying to be a wise guy but what am I missing?
Actually,....I only run doubles in the Spring and in the Fall. I SURE don't run Gators for cutting grass! This defeats the purpose, entirely. In the Spring, when we have heavy growth and it is wetter conditions, I run Highlifts and low-lift mulching blades on top. In the Fall, it is highlifts and Gators on top. The Gators work great for leaves, but while they DO mulch grass up a bit more, they also have a tendency to make wet grass coagulate into little balls of wet grass. When it dries, it often leaves an undesirable result on top. I just don't care for the results. As far as mid summer mowing, there is no need for me to run doubles, - except perhaps sometimes with the thick grass that we are cutting on our irrigated properties. (Our fert. program isn't doing us any favors in the mowing department - it has become so thick).
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